Arigatou International

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Based on the widely recognized Arigatou International Learning to Live Together manual, Kokoro is a unique and interactive virtual global community that promotes intercultural and interfaith learning and collaboration among children and youth to tackle issues that affect their societies.

UpUp and Beyond

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

In our workshop, teenagers get the opportunity to learn practical, goal-oriented methods and competencies in order to reflect on and plan for their own life journey. We offer them a platform on which they can exchange with others and experiment.

Sublime expression


Reinventar el aprendizaje como desafió, DEFINE el proyecto que expongo porque proporcionara las necesidades básicas (recursos) que potencializa el estado funcional y productivo en una persona. Experimentará libremente su entorno, sin ser limitado y desarrollara su invaluable potencial; LA EXPRESIÓN.

Esperança em Movimento

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Duas Kombis repletas de vida e ajuda serão o meio para desenvolver o projeto.
Grande assistência aos moradores de rua será dada.
Comida, sapatos e higiene pessoal serão parte do universo assistencial.
A ajuda imediata não é o único foco, mas incitar a mudança de vida de quem tem vontade.

A Day To Celebrate Life

The Sunday Assembly is all the best bits of church, but with no religion, and awesome pop songs. Our mission: to help everyone find and fulfil their full potential.

We are forming a media partnership with Plum Pictures to create viral content that will help people find their potential, to encourage them to start Assemblies and to spread the word about the movement.

The key part of this: the Day To Celebrate Life on 27th September.

Submit Self Defence

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Submit Self Defence is about giving back to the community that I love. I do that through teaching Martial Arts and Fitness. It is also a class where we share information and ideas to better the people around us.

Mi'kmaw Native Friendship Centre

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Dance to the Beat of Your Own Drum, is a program designed to engage indigenous youth in traditional dance. They will learn different styles of dance, make their own regalia, as well as learn traditional songs. Elders will share traditional teachings, and the importance of embracing our culture.