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We tend to hand over our power to experts, especially in health. Only if you take your own responsibility, self-development can take place. This is a challenging task, since western society addresses “the individual trees but rarely the woods as a whole”. &ZIN is an accessible, contemporary and fun physical place in central Amsterdam, where you can enjoy integral natural coaching by consults, workshops and by meeting peers in the café.

MahaVad: An excellent book for self-knowledge & self-development

for profit

To make a better world –to make our life blessed –to fulfill oneself, –to make free our society from inhuman activities, –to make conscious about oneself and about our aim of life, we have an excellent – incomparable system of essential education for true & universal development of human beings. All these educations –teachings –knowledge and methods is present in ‘MahaVad’.

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Cambiando el Sentido del VIH

Este proyecto parte de esa busqueda de herramientas y canales necesarios, novedosos, diferentes y humanos para dar respuesta positiva al virus ya que nuestro estado presenta una alta prevalencia del virus, careciendo de politicas públicas efectivas y de acciones ciudadanas dispuestas a atacar el problema de raíz.



El Tigre
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Power Off

An anti-pornography club that helps and supports people who struggle with addiction, as well as bring about awareness to this growing problem.

Projeto AmarGen


O Projeto AmarGen propõe a utilização da expressão artística como ferramenta em processos de prevenção e de tratamento para dependência química.
Neste momento em que a sociedade vive uma verdadeira epidemia de dependência química e o alcoolismo é a doença que mais mata os pacientes com esta problemática, este projeto inovador oferece uma ótima alternativa para abordar a questão, com uma mudança de paradigmas na prevenção e no tratamento de saúde mental.

Dandelion Dollars

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

Dandelion Dollars promotes the spiritual practice of sending off dandelion seeds of LOVE, JOY, and HOPE into the world using the paper currency system to deliver them to all humanity. All you need is a dollar, a pen, a minute, and a message!

Conscious Innovation

Mandalah has been helping organizations of all shapes and sizes throughout the world become sensitive to the changes going on around us and the need to redefine the role business plays not merely within a marketplace, but within society as a whole. Mandalah exists at the magical intersection between profit and purpose.




Obesity is one of the critical problems of the 21st Century. In the US, one out of 2 will be obese by 2030, if we do nothing. Mexico comes second in this race not-worth-winning, and leads the world in childhood obesity.

Lifestyle choices are at the heart of this issue. 75% of chronic disease is due to lifestyle choices - it costs us money, and our lives. Obesity takes away 10 years of a person's life - the same as smoking. However, there is tremendous hope. Losing just 7% of body weight can lower risk for chronic disease by as much as 50%.