Balancing Strategies: Self-Directed Life and Career Exploration for Indigenous Students

Balancing Strategies is an interactive, flexible, and holistic program that utilizes culturally-relevant curriculum to support and guide the career success of Indigenous students at UVic. While the number of Indigenous students at UVic is steadily increasing, many local Indigenous communities are voicing concern that their graduates are facing significant barriers accessing employment despite their level of education.

supporting our youth through rites of passage

Rites of passage is actually a retelling or rekindling of our Moontime teachings and visions questing. this project would help our communities come together to support the youth to become an integral part of the community. it would foster healthy attitudes towards self, community, culture, acadaemia, and society. these rites would also act as a way of connecting with ancestral roots, nature, and learning tradtional knowledge. our youth would be proud of their culture, themselves and their community.

New Sun Conference

The Annual New Sun Conference on Aboriginal Arts is a unique and innovative inter-cultural learning experience inaugurated in 2002 by Dr. Allan J. Ryan, the New Sun Chair in Aboriginal Art and Culture at Carleton University. Now entering its 11th year, the New Sun Conference has brought together in a public forum on traditional unceded Algonquin territory, creative individuals from various First Nations, Metis and Inuit communities, as well as from the non-Native community.

Way of the Wigwam an Agricultural and Outdoor Wilderness Life Skills Project

Way of the Wigwam Pilot Project for Rama First Nation (F.N.)
Agricultural & Outdoor Wildlife Life Skills Center
By Patti Williams-Ingersoll
The Chippewas of Rama First Nation once was a huge tribe that included Beausoleil F.N, Georgian Island F.N. and the Chippewas of Naywash F.N. Our history is best told by the Coldwater Narrow Treat currently in negotiations. What I am proposing could benefit these First Nations as well, partnerships could once again be renewed to make the Agricultural & Outdoor Wilderness Life Skills Center.


o How did your idea or project first come to you?
This has been a project in the works over several years, it has been developing slowly. I stepped into this project when I started this job back in 2004. There was a family camp that was already established, although in its early stages (July 2000).

o Why did you believe your idea or project could/would make a difference?

Medicine Wheel Make-Over

Medicine Wheel Make-Over is a program that encourages people to take initiave to make change in their lives based on what it is they want to change and what it is they are ready to change. This is done by developing individual personalized goal plans with each client. This program is based on the Medicine Wheel and the traditional teachings of living in balance.

Indigenous Health & Safety for YOUth

Many young Indigenous people in the province of Manitoba injure themselves each year. SAFE Workers of Tomorrow (SWOT) knows this thanks to the stories and experiences that are shared with us throughout the presentations we deliver. For that reason, we feel it is important to develop and deliver programming to the Indigenous youth of the province, to provide them with enough tools to become active players in changing the perspectives of Indigenous youth, and indeed the entire Indigenous community around the importance of occupational health and safety.

Native LGBTQ Youth

It starts with a VISION. I want to have a positive impact on generating a safe and positive environment for Native LGBTQ Youths in my community, a place where they can grow on the reservation without feeling the need to hide. I want to bring positive change for young natives through Skateboarding, art, self-confidence, music, and cultural. One of the main goals is to expand this positive movement across many Reservations to promote a healthy lifestyle for young natives, especially with LGBTQ Youths, to educate youths about LGBTQ and to bring anti-discrimination awareness.

iBody Camp

nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector

iBody is a state-of-the-art 2-week summer camp for high-school students offering interactive programs with physicians and nurses and hands-on experiences.