Africans Focused on Global Warming and Development

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Africans Focused on Global Warming and Development: Go Green Global campaign

Kampala, UgandaKampala, Uganda
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$100,000 - $250,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Go Green Global is a campaign initiated by AFOGWAD to help eradicate the climate change ignorance which has resulted to food insecurity in the North and North Eastern Uganda. The campaign allows youth to know that young trees are not only planted but they are sources of start-up capital too!

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What if AFOGWAD could allow climate change to speak, it would tell how dangerous it is and people would act now?
About Project

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AFOGWAD will immensely address the ignorance about the climate crisis which is exhibited among these resilient communities. Their ignorance about climate change has taken them to a belief that God is responsible for their food insecurity that has resulted into high leveled poverty due to a lengthy dry spell with a very minimal amount & unpredictable rainfall seasons characterized by too much flooding especially in the North & North Eastern Uganda

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As stated earlier, AFOGWAD designed already a Go Green Global campaign which has so far gone in its three months pilot test to tackle these climate crisis and food insecurity. Under this campaign, we tackle young people communities, schools, colleges and institutions where we initiate clubs called Go Green for the schools we are operating in. Why the word Global in the campaign name? We want the youth to know that not any of their single action should be undermined, just a single action of a child of planting a single tree can save the whole world and not only Uganda/Africa. This is because a tree planted by a child in Uganda can cut on the magnitude of carbon emitted in the atmosphere by China, U.S, etc.


Not any award yet since it's just still under its pilot, but we hope for one soonest.
Impact: How does it Work

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Within these three months campaign pilot test, AFOGWAD impacted the lives of so many youth to tackle climate change while also addressing food insecurity. During our campaign rally in Erute Primary school, I came across some young boy aged 11 in primary 6 class. He asked for our assistance towards supporting him in his fees payment as his family due to poverty couldn't do this. What we did, we empowered him to initiate a tree nursery bed, where he raised up about 700 orange seedlings. With the kind support from some our friends, we bought some his seedlings & didn't take them away, but asked him to go & plant in their gardens so as to act as wind breaks for their crops. The money we gave, we asked him to go & pay with his school fees.

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Just three months down with this campaign, 91 out of 600 youth we reached initiated their own tree nursery beds, 2,000 young trees have been planted, 73 initiated their own different climate change adaptation projects like poultry keeping, fruit farming and piggery by just using the small money generated from the sale of their surplus trees they raised as their start-up capital. I have been wondering what if AFOGWAD is ever one day be able to acquire enough resources to empower them and others who do not have the capacity to initiate one? In future in 5-10 years, AFOGWAD will be able to empower about 78% out of 2.5 million youth who majorly depend on agriculture to tackle the escalating climate crisis & food insecurity in the North & North Eastern Uganda if we manage to raise enough resources for this. These will impact in them agro-preneurial, social entrepreneurial & leadership skills.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Under this campaign; firstly, we use arts like music, drama, debates, poetry, games and sports to empower, inspire and attract in the passion of the youth in to real action now against climate change. This is because at AFOGWAD, we believe that the easiest way to involve young people into quick action, make it fun. Secondly, we initiate clubs called Go Green for the schools, colleges and institutions we are operating in. Under this we involve physical trainings and sensitization, where we exemplary raise and plant young trees with pupils and students around their schools and communities.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Firstly, what we are doing and planned to do in these resilient communities of about 4 million people of North and North Eastern Uganda in fighting climate change so as to eradicate the resultant food insecurity will speak and attract us more resources needed to address more of these communities related environmental challenges, due to the fact that AFOGWAD is a non-profit organization.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Tree Talk Uganda is in one way also addressing the climate crisis. But what makes our campaign different are that; (i) AFOGWAD targets the youth communities while Tree Talk Uganda works with the general community. (ii) AFOGWAD targets to build the capacity of youth to raise their own tree seedlings to be planted around their schools, homes & gardens while Tree Talk Uganda buy & distribute young trees in the communities. (iii) AFOGWAD targets to let youth know trees are not only planted but they are also sources of start up capital while at Tree Talk Uganda, youth know trees are just planted.

Founding Story

In 2011 in my high school, I experienced the worst ever hard life at school because I didn't have enough pocket money & tuitions because our corns & beans hadn't given good harvest as they were my family money sources. This obsessed me a lot . One night at school in a real stress in bed, I suddenly went a sleep & I dreamt of too much heat drying up plants & animals. When I analyzed after waking up, it related to a severe dry spell that hit my region that year. In curiosity, I thought of doing something to address these challenges. And the fact I didn't have enough resources, I came up AFOGWAD to allow me easily mobilize resources to save my family & region from the mess I saw in the dream.


Currently AFOGWAD has seven volunteers and these include; the program manger, an administrator, coordinator, an accountant, two additional filed officers and the Director. These exclude two additional board members. Our program manager oversees the AFOGWAD projects and ensures they are implemented as per the work plan. Also our administrator monitors and controls on the AFOGWAD resources like the sport bikes for going to the filed. The coordinator too controls on the relations between AFOGWAD and the community. The AFOGWAD Director mobilizes the necessary resources needed for the organization. And last but not least the two additional board members ensures both internal and external discipline of the organization and organizes the Annual General Meeting. As AFOGWAD grows, we plan to have fully paid staff, and not volunteers as of now. Though we will not avoid three more additional volunteers and an I.T specialist.