CCT Investments, Construction & Consultancy Turkey

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CCT Investments, Construction & Consultancy Turkey: International Real Estate Marketing Company in Istanbul

Istanbul, TurkeyRiyadh, Saudi Arabia
Year Founded:
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for profit
Project Stage:
$500,000 - $1 million
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CCT Investments is aiming to offer the most trustable real estate services in Turkey to international buyers worldwide. Regardless of your budget, we are ready offer you numerous property options through the best reputable construction companies in Istanbul and offer you an exceptional service.

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If you are thinking to invest in Istanbul real estate market, you need to make comparison between all real estate projects and get professional guidance.
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Foreign investors that are thinking to invest in Turkey Real Estate market is not always very happy with the service they get. Especially after their investments, they encounter bad after sales service. In order to make the right decision for buying and for better after sales service (furnishing, property management, legal support), clients are seeking for better companies.

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Buying through the developers directly creates future problems. Right consultancy company should be chosen for following reasons - making better comparison between developers - getting legal support (all title deed services and utility applications are being done by consultancy companies) - getting support for furnishing - for property management services offered. CCT Investments does not charge you any for its services and buying through a developer or through CCT Investments will be same pricewise. Besides, we will act on your side and negotiate to get the best possible price.


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Founding Story

The company was established to offer trusted and best-in-class service in the real estate sector, which opened its doors to foreign investment on the heels of the new Real Estate Law in May 2012.


The team consists of professionals speaking Turkish, English, Spanish and Arabic languages fluently