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Explore-Science: Promoting STEM Education

london, United Kingdom
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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< $1,000
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Explore Science http://www.explore-science.com/ invites a scientist each month to talk about their research and inspire the younger generations to be aware of all the exciting opportunitties in the field of sciences from an astrophysicst from MIT to a biologist at KTN, research scientist from yahoo

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What if everyone had a job with a purpose?
About Project

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Lack of exposure towards science and opportunities in STEM, these subjects appear difficult with little career prospects due to no real life exposure.

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Monthly science talks delivered by scientists and science labs run in London I am aim to scale this by recruiting university students to reach out to schools within their areas and ask their STEM professors to give talks and make science more inclusive and tangible. The aim of these talks combined with running monthly science labs is to improve awareness of exciting career opportunities where they can directly contribute positively to the world. Add more skills to their CV and collaborate with scientists from an early age. 1) Radio reach out U.K. , USA , France , Sweden and 26 people locked in !! 2) BCSWomen offered access to free science research papers to the school students the scientist works with 3) A writer wanted to collaborate w


o2 Think Big Best STEM Project 2016
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It brings a scientist in a different field each month to talk about their research, instead of associating science with their science teachers they have the chance to associate it with a real scientist, have the opportunity to network and build relationships and add skills to their CV, be aware of the opportunities in STEM, and make connections in various industries.

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Joint Collaboration Tangible Science Exposure to different research areas in this field

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Create Digital Assets Develop a website using Wix template Create a Twitter account Create youtbe develop an APP Contact Scientists Research scientists that regularly speak at events research scientists in different fields of sciences devise communication strategies via linkedin, twitter and email to contact them fix schedules Look for venues identify venues that are for social entreprises identify venues that are convenient for everyone to get to identify venues specific for science talks identify venues specific for science labs identify venues specific for one da

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Monetize by running science labs and creating experiments and writing scientific papers thus boosting CV

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Large corporates and Governments funding mroe STEM projects, but I bring in a new scientist each month which is unique to this project

Founding Story

Shwetal Shah (Founder) A creative and highly motivated individual with 2 year experience working in communications, media, account management and client facing roles in Mumbai and London. Junior consultant at a group of 3 IT companies in London (OSSCube- system integration, One point IQ- Big Data Analytics, One point consulting- IT consulting and Entreprise Architecture services). Whilst acquiring a Masters of Science in International Marketing, volunteered with the Scottish Youth Parliament giving talks on Scottish Policies to young children and organized TEDx at university, after moving to London actively participated in and organized hackathons, Mozilla Science Fest and 3 Day Startup!