Off Grid Refrigeration

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Off Grid Refrigeration: Commercial scale, 100% energy independent cold chain solutions for remote use

Melbourne, Australia
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for profit
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$50,000 - $100,000
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Organizational Growth
Franchising, Licensing, Accreditation
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In many areas around the world, community social and economic development is restricted due to lack of refrigeration infrastructure.
Heuch Refrigeration has developed a suite of commercial scale Refrigeration solutions that are specifically designed to address this problem.

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What if...Remote farmers could be provided with no cost pre-cooling and cold storage to enhance the export value of their crop and increase income? What if fishermen could keep their catch fresh, at no cost, to enhance export opportunities?
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The systems were designed to address the lack of access to refrigeration services in remote and developing locations around the world. They address this by providing 100% solar powered HVAC-R systems, providing a no cost solution to remote or developing communities.


2016 Innovation of the Year CCN Live Awards, 2016 Innovation of the Year finalist LandForces Innovation Awards