The Many Risks of Working at Home

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The Many Risks of Working at Home

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Since the IT revolution began a couple of years ago, more and more people spend much of their time at home doing office work or operating their small businesses.

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As such, the lifestyles of many people have drastically changed. Some no longer have to buy fancy and expensive clothes or dress up well in order to go to work.

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Others no longer have to use a car because working at home already removes that need and owning a car is no longer a necessity, especially if commuting is not a hassle from where one lives.
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And, for a few people, making more than enough through an IT-based job has allowed them to live a life that provides them the extra cash to buy condos, cars or travel places. And since, many of these people can take their work wherever they go, they can be as mobile and as creative in their travels as they can be.

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However, there are pitfalls to working at home which we must avoid. Here are a few:

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1. Lack of discipline Most people who never had a single day of military training or grew up without meaningful parental guidance find it hard to stick to a regular regimen and become an efficient home-based worker. A lot of young IT workers who spend much time gaming all-day-long and all-night-long while neglecting their work or their potential to do serious and productive work.

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The temptation of enjoying your time in front of the PC watching movies or playing is by far the greatest bane to modern living, one which has not been sufficiently addressed by parents, teachers, pastors or government people. And why should or how could they when the individual is left entirely on his or her own to do whatever he or she wants at home.

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Hence, the spate of young people who get sick because they lead a sedentary life and rarely eat enough or do physical exertion.

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2. Lack of supervision Much of the work done at home allows great freedom for people to do practically what they want to do with minimal supervision. While the quality of the work output can be controlled to a great extent, the time and the manner that the work is done is generally beyond the supervision of others.


Some may pass on their work to others in order to avoid working and to spend more time on other things – again, gaming or gallivanting. Although some people may have the knack for submitting quality work while doing this, they end up still lacking the discipline and maturity to do serious and hard work for better opportunities in the future.