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Nqaba Ndlovu Makwili's New Entry: Pediatric and Cancer center the first of its kind in Sub Saharan Africa

Bulawayo, ZimbabweBulawayo , Zimbabwe
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for profit
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$500,000 - $1 million
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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The Pediatric and Cancer Centre  will aim at offering  the best in infant and child  health while also offering the best health care and services for children and adults suffering from cancer.The Centre will be every patients 'dream' due to the servi

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What if we could save lives by food ?What if we could save infants with knowledge with a book and a pen ?
About Project

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The Center will address problems affecting cancer patients as they are not getting the best treatment in Bulawayo as there is one hospital servicing cancer patients from 3 provinces using one machine that is often down.The pediatric center will offer maternity services and offer world class services in a child friendly environment with staff specializing in pediatric services.We want to offer pre and post birth lessons for expecting mothers .

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The center will offer the best health care services to cancer patients in a friendly and conducive environment, chemotherapy is offered in one hospital in the city and services other provinces as it is a referral hospital and the machine is often down resulting in patients having set backs in their progress.We will also have work shops and seminars that will equip the general public on food and products that have cancer causing properties while also sharing knowledge on the right diet for various cancer patients. On pediatric front we will aim at preparing expecting mothers with the know how of child care ,while also offering maternity services.We will employ specialist nurses in pediatric care ,looking at reducing infant mortality
Impact: How does it Work

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The Center will look at reducing infant mortality that has been on the rise due to the poor state of our hospitals and the problem of being under staffed.We will also prepare expecting mothers psychologically and physically for the process of child birth,pre and post birth stress and equip them on how to best care for their new born babies.Cancer patients will get a reliable place for their treatment with staff trained to handle their cases .This will be the second private hospital but we will offer our services at a cheaper price as we will engage in having our own pharmacy ,restaurant,plot and other facilities that will bring in revenue to sustain the hospital. The hospital will offer support services for teenage mothers

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

The Center will look at prolonging the lives of cancer patients by offering them quality health care at affordable prices and by equipping them with a better life style.We believe that the center will reduce the number of early deaths by early detection and also by offering patience with the right diet and medication as it is always on short supply in hospitals.At its peak the hospital will offer medical insurance and funeral cover for their patients,with a play center to integrate children with disability,offering healthy food from the restaurant and empowering women through employment .

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The Center will engage local authorities and government in acquiring a site suitable for the hospital at a discounted price.There will be periodic dinners and activities that will engage the local businesses in the city, NGOs and various stakeholders in a bid to raise funds for the hospital.The hospital will also open a pharmacy,restaurant and have a plot to produce food for the hospital and for sale.Patients will also pay for the services .

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On the cancer side of the hospital we will be the first hospital in the country to offer a dedicated team focused,specializing on the sole rehabilitation of cancer patients.We will be the first hospital to have seminars and work shops and training seminars focusing on cancer patients.On the maternity side we will be the first hospital to offer to o maternity classes focused on helping mothers get ready for birth and for raising their kids.We will also be the first to offer a hospital dedicated for kids with a play center and facilities suited for children .All our services will be affordable

Founding Story

I am a 24 year old student at the university of Nicosia in Cyprus,my friends gave birth not so long ago and as i visited her in the hospital i was amazed at the standard of the hospital.I asked my self there and then ,why we did not have facilities near to that even at our private hospitals.The hospital that she was in had a wing dedicated entirely to kids and had paintings and drawings on the whole.I lost my grand father to cancer and dementia ,we struggled as a family to take care of him because we did not have skills to take care of him and his cancer was dictated late when it was advanced .My mother is a retired nurse of 35 years,she inspires me as she served our people with love


Our team will comprise of myself,( founding member) ill graduate with a BA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation hoping to pursue my studies up to Phd level.Douglas Sibanda a seasoned accountant and former CFO of one of the leading chemical producers in Zimbabwe will be working there full time . Shadreck Rwodzi a CA with over 15 years experience in the financial sector.Primrose Sibanda a mid wife with over 4 years experience as a general nurse and 2 as a mid wife ,full time. Tawanda Chitapa based in the USA who is a master of health care administration and has over 8 years experience . These will be part of the board members that will come up with the blue print of the hospital that is its policies and the system that it will use.Upon further consultancy with various stakeholders in the city more people will be put to the board when the project will be operational .We will look at engaging the city fathers into partnering with us as they are responsible for running the city clinics.It should be noted that the Center will have an advisory board that will be consulted on all matters affecting the day to day running of the hospital.It should be noted that most members will be engaged on a volunteer basis