The Strong Woman Initiative

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The Strong Woman Initiative: Revolutionizing the thinking and life style of the woman

port Harcourt, Nigeriaport Harcourt, Nigeria
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
Project Stage:
$250,000 - $500,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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The strong woman initiative (TSWI) is a nonprofit human capacity development foundation that believes the woman has great strength embedded within her and this strength can cause tremendous global change when harnessed properly, hence our aim of helping young women find that strength and be resource

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What if Sherlock Holmes and Bond 007 were women?
About Project

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skillful and knowledgeable women are in short supply, most women do not understand the how to harness their strength for resourcefulness and creativity. This initiative is aimed at correcting that by enrolling women after their successful completion of a seminar on self worth, identity and opportunities for skill based training and mentoring then subsequent business start-up resulting in entrepreneurs and employers of labor.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

we have partnered with skill acquisition agencies that offer training in skills ranging from hair making, catering and confectioneries, poise and protocol finishing schools and clothes design. These partnerships are geared at opening the minds of young women to their entrepreneurial and creative side so that eventually young ladies can become women that are business owners and employers of labor. We intend to hold seminars, trainings and workshops quarterly and subsequently assign young women to mentors for close up coaching and follow-up on what was taught and how their lives are changing in line with lessons learned. We have built skill acquisition curriculum for schools so that our reach can cover ages 13-16 to facilitate early reach.


The organization has not received any awards yet. we however have support from other organizations (Benson Idahosa University, pathfinders, YOWEC) and countless individuals. i however have received 6 awards in 5 years.
Impact: How does it Work

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Let’s say Dora was in University for a while and is yet to graduate. She eventually decided to drop out and get married so that a husband can cater for her needs as a woman and give her independence. she gets married. The husband starts complaining is that she is not doing anything and it appears to him that she has no direction whatsoever. Should Dora be enrolled in our program, we would first make her realize her uniqueness, then register her in one of our skill acquisition programs while we encourage her to finish school. ,What we achieve; elevated self-esteem for Dora, Dora’s husband now has a resourceful wife! she would have a small business that employs people thereby solving unemployment, hunger, corruption and human trafficking.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

Since our mentoring program started over five years ago, it has been embraced by every young woman we have had the privilege to speak with and assist. since we have been operating unofficially, we have had feedback from young women under our mentorship program and most have regained their low self esteem and are currently working on businesses they started following attendance to our training and being enrolled for skill development. Jochebed Ekwuluo was enrolled for bisness development and upon completion of the course is currently running a small business with three employees. Blessing Felix has returned to school and is working a small job. We have received unending pleas for us to launch our official program so that more people can be reached per time, everyone who hears of what we do anticipates a bigger lunch. This is a demonstration of the need for this type of project.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Our projected impact is for us to have achieved our aim with countless young women in at least 2 states in Nigeria and most likely other countries (via online access) and get them well on their way to being the best version of themselves. In 1-3 years also, we should have developed and submitted our proposal to schools on the inclusion of activities that help develop young women into their curriculums. We should have increased our partnership base to the point where this initiative goes beyond training and development to scholarship for the girl child.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

we hope to grow to an extent where people would want to advertise with us online and during our training and seminars, this will yield finance. people have already started requesting for a slot to market their products which are all in line with our skill development goal in our maiden edition in December 2015. we hope to leverage on all these opportunities.

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We have had the opportunity of working with pathfinder’s initiative on their program for abused girls and the RUBIES team on capacity development for young ladies. There are many players in the field of women empowerment. However, their experience and focus tends to be on verbal empowerment. The Strong Woman initiative differs from these players in the sense that we are focused on helping the woman find her strength, become resourceful and subsequently channel and use the strength in woman not just via verbal training but especially via skill impartation, mentorship and a workable feedback sys

Founding Story

I first started the drive for the uniqueness of the woman as a member of the RUBIES group. Prior to that time, I realized I am creative and multitalented and that I wanted more from life than just be a girl, go to school, get married and have children. I discovered that I had aspirations, dreams and I could work towards becoming someone people look up to. As long as I put my heart into something, I could achieve it! So when I got into university, I started speaking to young women in my hostel, i discovered during a survey within and outside the group that most young women stumble through life in olivion, this led to TSWi, the issue of reaching more ladies have led to the need to go bigger


The team is made up of a group of women, single and married with a passion for women empowerment. While we run a wholesome group aimed at yielding strong women, one arm liaises with pathfinders to work with abused girls before skill acquisition and trainings are recommended, the other arm works to rehabilitate girls on the street then train. We have been mentoring ladies individually on a low key. It has however become clear that our major challenge is reaching out to more women per time without losing the goal of mentoring and coaching apart from awakening. We now have a pool of women as mentors. We have partnered with training facilities that will offer both skill based and career based trainings as applicable free of charge or at a subsidized rate to our trainees following our official kick-off in December 2015. all team member are on a full-time basis. so far we have the founder, two co-founders, publicity and concepts manager, financial secretary, and documentations assistant. As we progress, we will include other roles as required.