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The Beauty Max is Makeup and Beauty Blog features day-to-day makeup and beauty tips, product reviews and news ..We have also one section that covers acne treatment for teens and adults.


For those who have sensitive skin must take special care of their skin. To know what kinds of ingredients will irritate the skin and cause inflammation is the biggest concern with sensitive skin. There are some ingredients that you should avoid, because they can give you some problem if you continue to apply that skin products. Those are Fragrances, Alcohol, and parabean. Recently, one of my friends who has sensitive skin told me that she has been using Vital C hydrating repair creme which helped her to protect her skin for anti aging , mainly this cream has been parabean free .To get more information about this , you can refer . Mostly take care when you are shopping for the products. It is very difficult to choose a moisturizer because sensitive skin is always dry. Whenever you are choosing any cosmetic for sensitive skin,first give a trial and then you can start using it.