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Transferring Therapist –: Why Are You Moving?

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If you considering changing to another therapist, then you should have a good reason why you are taking this action. You may believe that your reasons are sound, but before you act upon them you will need to consider the entire picture. Of course, there are forces which will require a change such as moving to a new location or not being able to afford the therapy anymore. In such cases the decision is forced upon you.

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Therapy is a process that takes time, so it cannot be scheduled to have an ending, it must happen naturally over the course of several sessions that may occur in the office or online. In addition, while therapy is grounded in science there is still an element of art in terms of how it is applied and the effects that it offers.
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In other words, everyone will react differently to the advice and guidance that a therapist provides. Before you decide about transferring to another therapist, you should consider the following points. Progress Check Your therapist should have records that account for the issues you were facing at the first session and how you have progressed since. You may find that you have made significant progress over the course of working with the therapist, perhaps more than you might have thought. You should consult with your therapist over your progress to verify that both of you are on the same page.

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Your Feelings Overcoming issues with your therapist does not necessarily mean that you will feel better for doing so. The point of most therapy sessions is the discovery, assessment, and treatment of a condition that requires the assistance of a therapist. In many cases the client does not necessarily feel better, but is helped significantly regardless of their personal feelings. Your feelings can be misleading you in terms of how you are progressing.

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Once you have reasoned out the source of why you want to change to an online therapist, then you can take the appropriate action. There are valid reasons for changing therapists and you should act when ready. It pays not to be hasty, but instead to go with valid reasons for either staying or going to someone else. Keep in mind that you have changed therapists frequently that it may be a sign of not wanting to face the very problem that has you seeking help in the first place.
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