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Innovation Mapping

Customized analysis on the most relevant intelligence and insights from the world’s leading innovators needed to build the highest impact networks.

Our learning network spans over 80 countries in every sector, including Nobel Peace Prize winners, advisors to Presidents, best-selling authors, all time most-popular TED speakers, all of whom are recognized for their on-the-ground problem solving. Mapping uncovers patterns of what works in the field, what solutions are missing, and illuminates ideas about how change is happening.

Changemakers will work with you to develop a Discovery Framework. Rather than searching for a silver bullet, we rely on understanding how solutions work together within a global context to effect change. It takes into consideration the actionable components of a problem (which we call barriers) and the varied solutions (which we call design principles) required to maximize social impact and galvanize innovation. This approach is a different way of thinking about systems change —one that values practice over theory and on-the-ground invention over academic analysis.








An award- based competition aimed to mobilize key changemakers and changemaker institutions to develop and scale the most innovative solutions.

The Challenge is designed in a way to facilitate the creation innovators who can work together to scale the best solutions.

Participating institutions are encouraged to field “change teams” as participants - pooling the perspectives of, for example, students, faculty, and administrators to co-design solutions, and individual innovators are encouraged to connect and collaborate on solutions.

Collectively, these teams become part of a broader community of practice - supported through tools such as peer review, stories, Hangouts and physical meetups - designed to inspire, support, and inform the implementation and scaling of the leading ideas.






A three day Changemaker-facilitated, peer-learning process, preceded by meticulous candidate selection, curriculum development, preparatory content, logistics and storytelling for impact.

The experience is divided into three sections: building a community, building a venture, and building a movement. The curriculum, Fellows and experts we engage address themes like failure and resilience, fundraising, scaling, leading teams, and, centrally, evolving models for highest impact.

Through each bootcamp, emerging innovators are challenged to advance their leadership and scale the positive social impact of their work. Each emerging innovator receives personalized training, mentoring from senior social entrepreneurs, business experts, and thought leaders, and opportunities for collaboration with other innovators in their cohort. Emerging innovators will also be featured in a three-month trilingual online campaign designed to share their insights and best practices with other social innovators seeking to accelerate their ideas to the next level.









Changemakers Courses are facilitated interactive experiences for professional development, skill-building, and talent development. The experience includes self-paced activities, live facilitation, live video sessions with guest experts, learning modules, group collaboration projects, discussion forums, and more.

Each graduating course participant earns a ‘Changemaker Scholar’ designation (or something similar depending on the course topic). Each graduating course participant who goes above and beyond also earns a Letter of Distinction.

For companies, our training helps maximize social innovation, impact, and employee retention. We specialize in intrapreneurship training, one of the most in-demand skills of the 21st century. The course experience can include a combination of intimate in-person workshops and a six-week online course. We are ready to tailor the experience to best meet your needs.

Interested in doing a course with us? Contact [email protected]

Take the upcoming Social Intrapreneurship for Innovation in Health and Wellness course. In this course, you will learn and apply intrapreneurship skills to empathetically create health and wellness innovation within your companies / organizations, communities, and beyond. The deadline to apply is Wednesday, November 1st 2017.

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