African Youths Speak Out

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African Youths Speak Out

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$10,000 - $50,000
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Creating a one medium or platform for youths in Africa: through new media...through Online radio and website

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There is a need to Have youths participation in decision making and policy discussion in Africa There is need for youths to share ideas on new technology innovations in the different countries in order to disseminate the information to the whole continent Their is need for African Youths to participate in social development of their communities as well as be their own citizen journalists in their countries Their is a need for youths to hold unto the idea of an African Unity: following our fore fathers like Kwame Nkurumah: Their is a need for African Youths to be involved in cultural exchange with other countries in Africa Their is a need for African youths to share ideas and solutions to different ongoing African Problems and challenges respective of per country. Their is a need to African Youth to protect and defend their continent against malicious political interests and individuals: to ensure African democracy and Peace

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EarlyLife Online Radio is a regional online radio, which aims at giving a platform to the youth for contributing to the society through citizen journalism Earlylife Online Radio looks forward to featuring programs ranging from; • Talk shows, • Debate forums, • Storytelling, • News review, Sports review, Entertainment reviews, • Education, Literal readings, • Social issues and Policies, • Life skills, • Youths community initiative projects, • Relationships and • Sex, Education, Health, • Environment, Job opportunity updates among other Youth related programs. These include: • Investigative podcasts on slum life • Investigative podcasts on Hospital/Health • Investigative podcasts on Nature and Environment: • Lifestyle • Kitchen • Un sung Heroes • Youth and technology • Unsung Geniuses in Uganda • The heart on with public personalities • Literal reading program(audio Books) • Drama(s) We also list mass appeal contemporary music and local flavor that exploits the Culture, Art and Music.
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• The Youths will be given a chance to participant in dialogues about Education and other social issues that affect their community • The life skills programmes will educate the youths about “motivation skills, managerial skills” among expertise on the ways of life • The Radio encourages youths ambassadors from different universities as well as communities in Uganda: this gives full representation of regions to voice out their issues: to this organizations that give support systems will have the monitoring and evaluation process thought accessing feedback on the ongoing of the communities they support • The Radio Station will benefit the youths as far as giving them opportunities to work on the Radio Station. • The Radio station will engage the youths to contribute to Social policy dialogue thus involving them in fostering policy and decision making of our leaders • The radio will expose the youths though outreach programmes with in the communities to understand the status quo in the country and then lobby for changes to be made thus contributing to social development • The different programmes will sensitize the youths on their Culture especially the youths that have not grown up from their regions; this will create respect and understanding about the tribes that exists within our country; leading to living in Peace and harmony regardless of the Tribe differences.

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Its target audience; being University going students as well as urban youths all over Africa that can access internet services on phone, wireless internet access laptops and Cyber Cafés. Our Vision is to create an advocacy platform for the youths to participate, voice issues and find solutions to problems that affect youths in different communities. Our mission is to develop responsibility within the youth, empower them to act as citizen journalists within their own communities and be the agents of positive change. The main challenge: is the African Access to Internet: but this is resolved through partnership with different youths organisation to set up ICT libraries in rural areas where internet can be accessible to different communities
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Earlylife Radio
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Earlylife Radio

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Social Impact
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Last year( 2010) i was part of live streaming of World debate championship in Botswana i got to learn that the HIV/AIDS policy in that country was inspired by journalist who had internship in Uganda under the vision Group: By then Teso had begun (thats in 1990's) He swa how people were open to their HIV/AIDS status and was amazed. This same virus had been killings many of people in Botswana but it was still un speakable. He wrote an article which was published in his country and got the government interested. this led to exchange of the HIV/AIDS policy from Uganda to Southern Africa. I see the potential African having one platform to share ideas will impact to our communities coz we share policies and innovations that have been done for solutions to our common problems: that way MDGS will gain effect in African Countries: through the Youths perspective:since they are the ones more vaccinated about using new media

Specify both the depth and scale of your solution’s social impact to date

• To build up the spirit of patriotism as Youth inspire communities with their social development activities.This will prevail in the youth led initiatives that will prevail through profiling innovators in Africa: that way governments and organisations will spend less on funding for projects started from nothing when they can learn from already ongoing projects in other countries in Africa.

• To create a platform for the youth to be part of solution solving to social problems in their community: this will be engineered through dialogue, debate and discussions on the radio as wella s the the website for Earlylife Radio
• To up bring a self identity among the Youths to do acts of social service and connect with other African Youths: to come together in unity and know African shares common problems and so whats the cure to these challenges the face in their daily life forexample unemployment and malaria
• To connect youths to their communities to ensure future great leaders who are service providers.

What is your projected impact within the next 1-5 years? Is your idea replicable? If so, how?

-There will be self dependent African Youths.
-There will be African Awareness voice to solutions in Malaria,
- Youths will be part of mainstream decision making
- The African Leaders will be more demoncrantic as people will be more sensitized about demoncrancy
- There will be less corruption since nationals will interest in government projects.
- African countries will be more accountable to their citizens
- There will be less unemployment cases in Africa
- there will be reduced domestic violence
- There will be more debates and dialogues between countries in African .
- The realisation of an African Uni will be in dialogue: for a one Africa!

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Indentifying with Youths all over Africa through creating a network

Six-Month Tasks
Task 1

Interesting different youths organisations in Africa to represent on the Earlylife Platform

Task 2

Creating awareness dates in response to MDGs calling for youths participation all over Africa

Task 3

Encouranging investigative Reporting or journalism among the Youths in Africa/ with renumeration

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Net wroking with the civil society in African to support Youths initiatives

12-Month Tasks
Task 1

Stimulating dialogue with Government to create a youths fund for innovative projects per respective country

Task 2

Encouraging Youths particpation in mainstream dialogues and debate on countries policies, costitutions and Bills

Task 3

Creating cultural exhange platforms or visits for youths in different countries to network with other countries

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Fewer than 100

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- To-date: i have a challenge of Finance to start the project and network: this will be address with involving the private sector to market on the website ad the radio:that way generating revenue for the projects sustainability.
- Internet access: This will be solved by partnering with Telecommunication internet service providers to allow free access of the radio to their customers as well as partner with local NGOs to creating community internet libraries which allows free access to computers as well as internet radio
- Rural applicability: To partner with local FMS to stream different programs in the different countries

How do you see the information-technology and media sectors shifting over the next decade? How will your solution adapt to and/or drive that changing environment?

: i see with in the next generation: more youths adapting to use of ICTS and definitely New media: thus online radio: this is as phones allow access to online radio: that way: the youths will be able to access our radio station on their mobile phones and Cars.
Thus i am looking forward to work hard in hard with Mobile service providers to allow certain features int her gadgets more applicable for a developing environment in Africa

Failure is not always an option. If your solution fails to gain traction in the next two years, what other applications of the idea could you explore?

Its through engineering Youths FM stations: in different sub regions in Africa to create an exchange of programming: as well as partnering with local Radio stations to stream and create a clear out reach to the rural audiences.
More so: on the website of Earlylife Radio: we will have podcasts of different programs: this allows those who missed programs to download and listen to these feeds

Expand on your selections, explaining how you will sustain funding

For now: I use my salary: to fund the radio account as well as streaming and hiring of the studio, website maintainance. I ma looking forward to start selling airtime on the radio to create revenue, as well as creating themed events where the money generated goes to the radio as well as hopefully i win this funding: this would create a bigger impact as well as starting point

Tell us about your partnerships

Since this is a community Radio: I partner with organisation to live stream events that are for a social cause: giving free airtime on the radio: and they provide the internet package to live stream.
As well: allocating a time slot on the radio for organisations to mentor youths on various fields, case in point Sexuality: with straight talk Foundation uganda, Shujaaz fm FROM kENYA AND xyz FROM kENYA

What type of team (staff, volunteers, etc.) will ensure that you achieve the growth milestones identified in the Social Impact section?

I bring on board both, Volunteers, interns, correspondents and radio presenters as staff for the Earlylife Radio: they dont have to have an expertise in communication but interest: these will under go either online or training from the studios here in Uganda

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Investment, Human resources or talent, Marketing or media, Research or information, Collaboration or networking, Pro-bono help (legal, financial, etc.), Innovation or ideas, Mentorship.

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Investment, Human resources or talent, Marketing or media, Research or information, Collaboration or networking, Innovation or ideas, Mentorship.

Please elaborate on any needs or offers you have mentioned above and/or suggest categories of support that aren’t specified within the list

Resource centers: thus: supporting community resource centers in different countries in Africa as well as creating information sharing with other continents in the worlds.
Sharing the idea of continental Earlylife Radio to Asia, America and Europe among others

Define your company, program, service or product in 1-2 short sentences

EarlyLife Online Radio is an online African Youth radio station broadcasting from Uganda targeting African Youths.