Guardian Care, Inc-Liberia

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Guardian Care, Inc-Liberia

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$1,000 - $10,000
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Orphans making sure that donors funds toward the poor are really use on the poor to ensure the fight against poverty in Africa

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The need for Guardian Care,Inc solution is To inspire youths orphans,and widows in Liberia and Africa as a Whole, where poorer Children and unreachable communities will benefit and be found part of Change making for a better Africa while we respond to their needs.

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we advance to offer Guardianship For the Poor; Orphans, Widows, Disable Youth, and Refugees By them Scholarship, Micro loan., Training, Medication and Food. Due to the Height rate do poverty and Violence in Our land, Children are easily neglected by their parents, For the reason We offer Single Parents Sponsorship for family/women who have kids and their Children have been abundant by their the father. We Provide daily Meal for Widows, and Carryout repair on their damaged homes. We Carryout Youth teaching in the rural Villages Where thousand youth of the world are lacked of opportunity to learn due to the poverty they fine themselves into,and Empowerment them. Our Outreach ministries use peer to peer counseling.We Use The Bible as tools to changes the Minds Of people to to thinks Positively in Making good decision for the good and future of Africa. we take these Steps to sensitize our new generations on Sustainable living and positive thinking. We use our African Approach to understand and reach to needs Of beneficiaries where in those villages that are far away for the reach of transportation we organized team to walk miles in reach those key Innovation is Agriculture. this is one of the strategy we use to empower the poor by providing tools and gardening materials to potential widows or elderly as well as youth. Our Aim also cover Micro finance loan and orphanage supply and Monitoring, make sure the all youth have opportunity and privilege to make different in Liberia.
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Our Solutions Have made a very Big Impact and this impact is very Meaningful way when it Come to Information. due to the lack Of Information materials and Technology in Our Country,low rate of education and understanding of media messages among these Africa beneficiaries, We have put into place our own African Approach. this Approach is Something we call House to House Awareness with The help Of Country/local tribes interpreter. Many Of Our People only speak their local Tribes, so In order for our information to be equally divided we have Build networks in different Minors in Spreading our information. 1. the house to house Awareness for non English speaking villagers who do not know what is call technology non read and write. this is done with the help of local type of tribe interpreter. 2. We do workshop and Local Radio Information for people who speak and understand English but do not have access to technology.This Way poor people are chance to listing to important information that is vital our African society which is key step. How can one who do not know any think call computer read from the internet? How can one who have the heard be aware or believed. How can one who is not empower be enable to do something? take these question into serious consideration. 3 we engage the internet For urban and international information spreading of our Work. As Africa These are Good Mentions to have an effective Communication and information in Making a Different. Our Mentions have inspire many youths both in the Bushes and around Liberia and other parts of the World

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WHAT MAKES GUARDIAN CARE DIFFERENT FROM OTHER non-profit GROUPS Guardian Care Inc, have been full time staff by orphans, youth and spiritual leaders with full participants of Women in support of gender equality, in order to provide job for youth and fatherless, and motherless Liberians.Because of the experiences our founder has had as an orphan who used to live on a corrupt orphanage mission, which was unfair. He later was inspired by God, to bring together qualified orphans and Liberian youth, and Church leaders who can make the different with the conviction of transparency, love and Commitments in Christ Jesus.This is to carryout and fulfills the vision of donors to seek the truth support of ever poor child, orphan, widow, disable and elderly to make sure that donors fund are properly use and manage by using the youth and the orphans to care for themselves without using and source that will led to the stealing of donor fund toward charity, these step could bring big Change if we are empower by wold governing body push forward this vision
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Guardian Care, Inc
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Guardian Care, Inc

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Guardian Care Inc. is dedicated to give hope to the poorest amongst the children, elderly and widows of Africa
founded by Abel Williams Cheayan ,with full support from his adopted Australian parents ,team support by young Christian Liberian from the Salvation Outreach Ministries, Central Church, and full support from Christian youth from other local churches in and around Liberia in 2008. with much potential who carry on outreach in various communities, and who had witnessed and experienced the fourteen-year civil unrest in Liberia in which approximately 350,000 people lost their lives including Abel’s parents and Brothers.
As a result of the civil unrest, Abel, and his surviving sister were left alone by escaping into the bushes for several days after the rebels captured/killed their parents, they both managed to survive while in bushes hiding by eating the banana and other crops planted by farmers. He has been an orphan for several years like thousands of Liberian children have been left unattended to, homeless and without parents due to war, rape, and unidentified fathers.Abel dedicated this program suitable to the experience he have had over the years as an orphan..

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Interestingly, Abel had dedicated this program suitable to the experience he have had over the years as an orphan , to promote, ensure the significant of Agriculture, crops production ,and carry out awareness for the need of disadvantaged children,widows, Youth, Disable and The poorer Community in in Liberia. And wish to expand into others African Countries as God provides the means through our partners and donors.

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Guardian Care,in Projected impact for the next 1-5 years will covers and benefit many poorer African especially within Liberia to have hope to better living condition,Medication education, food, and safe drinking water For Villages That are seriously lack of these things.this will particularly be involve with widows,disable elderly and youths and low income Liberian, And African. opening the gap for the poor to be empower.

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Expansion and youth venture in neighboring African Country

Six-Month Tasks
Task 1

Major farming Project within Sinoe County, and Bomi County Liberia

Task 2

Children and youth Scholarship Program

Task 3

Sustainable Developmental Empowerment For youths

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A Large Agriculture Venture In Liberia Hosted by Guardian Care, In (Liberia)

12-Month Tasks
Task 1

Health Care for Children and Youth

Task 2

Greenfield Projects to have Homes for widows and elderly, where they can be fully care for

Task 3

Youth Conferences

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1,001 - 10,000

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More than 10,000

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this can be Done through transparency, Good partisanship and Expansion of our vision world wide. world Donor most Stand by us in carryout this Vision for a great hope and change in Liberia and Africa as a whole

How do you see the information-technology and media sectors shifting over the next decade? How will your solution adapt to and/or drive that changing environment?

By Engaging Both the African Approach identified by our Organization (House to House awareness) and the international Approach (technology)we will adopt these thing by being very effective in our approach all time.

Failure is not always an option. If your solution fails to gain traction in the next two years, what other applications of the idea could you explore?

we will continue to engage and follow up with all activities concerning change-makers, and will never give up for the sake of charity because this is our Calling and vision to do so, it is require that these benefits comes to Liberia enable us FIGHT a poverty free country that could ensure stable living and good security because our youth will have things that could keep them busy

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By lobbing and engaging donor,individuals and partners to support the vision, and with Vow to properly use all fund for the right purpose it is intended for.

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Guardian Care,Inc have not received funding from any organization , But we are working to develop a good partnership with funding agencies in order to expand the vision. this all can be done through prayers and commitments

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1. Board of Directors
2. Chief executive Officer
3. Deputy Chief executive officer
3. Spiritual Director
3. Finance officer
4 Administrative Assistance
5. Program officer
6. Project officer
6. Communication officer
7. Agriculture Officer
8. Children welfare Supervisor
9. Widow welfare Supervisor
10.Medical Officer
12 Education officer

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Investment, Research or information, Pro-bono help (legal, financial, etc.), Innovation or ideas.

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Investments, We will use this as a tool to engage and invest in the soil for production. Research and information will enable us in our awareness and information spreading by focusing on training. Innovation to enable us with our job every where as we create more ideas

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Guardian Care Inc.dedicated to give hope to the poorest amongst the children, elderly and widows of Africa.