A site dedicated for the citizens’ press in Morocco

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A site dedicated for the citizens’ press in Morocco

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$10,000 - $50,000
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dedicated site. There is also a collection of amateur sites which steal the work of others and post it without their permission. This is due to the fact that official Moroccan media obscures some of the facts so that the real picture of events is not conveyed. Hence the need to set up this site, which is based on the concerns of the citizen. Morocco is experiencing a deep dynamic experience as there is a strong desire for change on the part of large groups of people. There are a lot of violations that are spreading throughout Morocco and which need to be exposed to public opinion. This is because the professional press in Morocco suffers from state oppression and its censorship of the right of free speech.

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The anticipated name of the site: Dyalkom (a word in Moroccan dialect meaning “your matters”) The anticipated link: www.dyalkom.com A Moroccan news site made by the citizen-journalist, as he writes up the news stories and opinion articles, and he is the one who sends in the pictures and video clips; in brief, the citizen-journalist is the one that makes things happen on this site. Its slogan will be: "You are who makes it happen.."
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The site will be divided into 5 sections The video section: This section will receive video clips that document particular events which cannot be captured by professional cameras, such as demonstrations in a remote region, aggression against a citizen, violation of traffic regulations, and other such incidents... Your opinion in voice and video section: This section will receive visitors' posts in the form of video clips, through which they express their opinions about an issue or another. News section: The news written by citizen-journalists will be published here. These news will be checked somehow; the news stories that can not be verified will be given a yellow star, while verified news get a green star. Falsified news will be deleted, and a daily list will be made of true and falsified news stories. Picture section: This section is designated for pictures taken by citizens’ cameras and phones, and which document some event or scene. Opinion section: This section is designated for opinion articles from citizen-journalists. In each genre, the intellectual property rights of owners will be preserved and their names will also be published, if they have no objection. Every weekend, a PDF copy will be made of the most important news stories and articles, which will be made available for downloading. In the same way that a PDF copy is to be made of the most important news items and articles published, an audio copy of these materials will also be compiled to enable people who can't read to inform themselves about the most important materials on the site.

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There is the "Hespress" site, however, it is a general news site, not to mention the fact that no one knows who is behind this site. There is also Lakome news site, but it is a news site only, and there is nothing on it relevant to the citizens’ press. For this reason I will be different than them as my site will be only devoted to the citizen and be made by the citizen.
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People will benefit from the citizens’ press, as the site will not be restricted to the genres mentioned above, but will deliver several training courses that will prompt the traditional mass media in Morocco to develop themselves with the intention of being on a par with this new type of press.

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Get the site into the top rankings in the website competition in Morocco.

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The site to become number one in Morocco.

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Creating a design for the site that stands out.

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Concluding partnerships with select organizations.

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More than 10,000

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I have a financing problem as the cost of the site may be more than $2,000 at the start; This is something that is very difficult for me, especially as I am still a Media student.
After building the site and making it known, I will conclude partnerships with international organizations to support it, and I will attract certain ads to the site with the intention of finding some material means to enable the site to continue. Once the site reaches the top rankings, it will receive ad requests, from which I will pick certain ads that are not at variance with the aims of the site.

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This question will be answered in relation to my country’s situation, as in Morocco there is an illiteracy rate of up to 50%, there are only 3 million Internet users out of 36 million people, so this site, by its nature, would encourage people to use the Internet.

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I will investigate the matters that led to failure and will work on fixing them.I will not stop until I reach my goal.

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Moroccan companies.
Global organizations interested in development.

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3 employees at most in the initial phases, but the number may increase in the advanced phases.
2 of them will be technical specialists along with a journalist assisting me.

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Collaboration or networking, Pro-bono help (legal, financial, etc.), Innovation or ideas.

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A Moroccan news site made by the citizen-journalist,