Stop the Wall with a Media Marathon

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Stop the Wall with a Media Marathon

Palestinian Territory
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$1,000 - $10,000
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joining efforts, maximizing media impact, & defending Human rights

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In 2002, Israel began to build a wall inside the West Bank. The Wall was referred to as a fence, a separation barrier and most deceptively as a security fence. This wall is up to 8m high in places, twice the height of the former Berlin wall. Palestinian sources anticipate that it may be more than 750km-long when construction is finished, more than four times the length of the Berlin wall. The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign’s mission is to Stop the Wall. The Campaign goals are: 1. The immediate cessation of the building of the Wall. 2. The dismantling of all parts of the Wall and its related zones already built. 3. The return of lands confiscated for the path of the Wall. 4. The compensation of damages and lost income due to the destruction of land and property in addition to the restitution of land. Seventy-eight Palestinian villages and communities with a total population of 266,442 will be isolated as follows: • Villages surrounded by Wall, settlements and settler roads - 257,265 Palestinians. • Villages isolated between Wall and Green Line - 8,557 Palestinians • Villages isolated and residents threatened with expulsion - 6,314 Palestinians.

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Fundamental to international outreach and local empowerment for action against repression, Stop the Wall launched The Annual National and International Week against the Apartheid Wall (9th to 16th of November). Stop the Wall Campaign, in cooperation with Ciranda, Foro Social de Radios, WSFTV, shared communication initiatives and alternative media listed below, has launched this media marathon to engage international media activists in raising awareness of the Wall and its effects. We call on media to join 48 hours non-stop coverage by broadcasting, airing, streaming or publishing information about the Wall, Israeli Apartheid and Palestinian resistance and global BDS movement. This media marathon is the first of its kind. Stop the Wall Campaign calls on journalists and media stations across the world to take the opportunity to cover these major events over 12 and 13 November as they follow the route of the sun. The time is now to show that there can be no peace without an end to repression and occupation. More information on the Week Against the Apartheid Wall can be found here:
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Participating is easy: 1) Choose a time span during the 48 hours of the media marathon (12th of November 0:00h – 13th of November 23:59h), during which you will offer coverage about the Wall, Israeli Apartheid and Palestinian resistance and global solidarity. 2) Let Stop the Wall know that you are participating in the Media Marathon so that we can insert your content in the 48 hours programming to be published a special website. Contact: [email protected] 3) Create your programming. We ask each participating media to contribute at least one piece of coverage; this can be an article, a radio programme or a video. Then send your content or a link to the site where it is published, to: [email protected] or [email protected] . 4) To create your coverage, draw upon the resources in your community. There is much information and media material already out there. Stop the Wall can also provide a range of resources, including video and audio interviews, factsheets and other media materials. Visit to access material to support your media piece. 5) The media marathon includes the official launch of the online voting process of the It Is Apartheid Video contest. (See Encourage your audience to educate themselves by watching the videos and cast their vote on the best one. Use the videos for your own video broadcast.

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Nearly 20 international media organizations joined us for our first Media Marathon during the Week Against the Apartheid Wall. Our model is one that can be reproduced for many grassroots organizations. We hope that rather than perceiving other groups and media organizations as competition, rather that we are developing a model that can be replicated in order to strengthen the voices of people from the grassroots level and also strengthen independent and movement-based media organizations.
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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
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Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign

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It is a continuous issue since 2002, when Israel built the Wall. There were no real understanding of the Wall impact on the Palestinian society. Most media, other than the big ones, don't have corespondents in the country for financial reasons. The question was always how to deliver the massage? how to encourage media to cover issue directly from the mouth of the affected people on ground? how to give a global image and analysis to what is happening here?. At some point, activists around the world were proposing c\their personal contacts with their local media. Here the idea came: why not to create a platform for them? this platform can show how a hot topic is covered around the world. Will show how different regions cover the same topic & how people respond to it. Who, of the media, interested in what and where?. How joint global work can create a difference.

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Palestinian individuals fillet stronger as their voice was loader. Palestinian media, covering the issue, exchanged experience with other media and given a bitter understanding of international regions interests. Activists had a huge multilingual data that can be used in the future. Leaders built networks and developed data for further analysis on how to promote cases related to the Palestinian issue and the conflict based on regions around the world.

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Further networking and measuring influence, change, and opportunities. and yes it is replicable as it is topics or event based.

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Double media and viewer participation in the Week Against the Apartheid Wall Media Marathon over last year.

Six-Month Tasks
Task 1

Outreach to media organizations in every region and country in the world and networks to increase viewership.

Task 2

Refine and re-appropriate the Media Marathon model in another context with new partners to prove the effectiveness of marathons.

Task 3

Support the development of Internet technology to meet the growing need of millions of viewers and increase in content.

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Launch an online platform that allows Stop the Wall to connect to its media partners and viewers more continuously.

12-Month Tasks
Task 1

Further develop an online platform to allow ongoing content submissions, formal recognition of global partners, and engage users

Task 2

Monitor visitor traffic and outreach in specific areas based on the demographics and locations of viewers that visit the site

Task 3

Develop a regular schedule of communications with media makers and organizations to do outreach and pitch stories to journalists

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More than 10,000

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More than 10,000

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the main barrier was the human resources. As a non-profit campaign, the only way to overcome this barrier is by developing more the voluntary activists role in the project.

How do you see the information-technology and media sectors shifting over the next decade? How will your solution adapt to and/or drive that changing environment?

The program is based on new media and internet. Also, it is flexible in tools as it is based on open-source CMS and developed by ideas of individual activists. These points enforce future ability of development. Most important is the ability to merge small ideas of activists in a tool that serves all.

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Partnership is with Grassroots organizations, social movements, Individual activists & alternative media in almost 22 country around the world.

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Research or information, Collaboration or networking, Innovation or ideas.

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A campaign to defend affected Palestinian communities