Converting Places on the Edge to Forest Reserve

Converting Places on the Edge to Forest Reserve

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The coastal and fresh water destinations in Nigeria, and perhaps other part of the world, are very rich in petroleum. This brings about indiscriminate citing of oil wells and refineries on the places on the edge thereby ruining the entire ecosystem both the lithosphere, the hydrosphere and the atmosphere. Converting places on the edge to forest reserve is a noble project whose aim and objective is beyond just saving places on the edge, rather it goes a long way to save the entire ecosystem and provide raw materials for all industries that depend on the forest products directly and indirectly while embarking on forestry in river-line areas.

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The following include the major problems addressed by this project -Conservation of natural resources in the Niger delta so as to ensure a lively and pollution free ecosystem -Protection, preservation and multiplication of the rare and endangered species in the places on the edge in Nigeria so as to free mankind from breaking the animal right and to ensure that mankind live in harmoney with the ecosystem. -Resolution of the endless conflict between the Niger delta combatant and Nigerian government that has claimed the lives of many Nigerians and has affected the Nigerian economy directly, in the sense Nigeria oil production rate has been cut down drastically owing to the combat in the places on the edge. -Protection, preservation and restoration of the ozone layers that has been depleted drastically by the green house gases that are rampant on the places on the edge in Nigeria.

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The uniqueness of this idea can never be over emphasized! Indeed, Nigeria owe her socioeconomic instability mostly to the tug of war that has taken over the oil rich areas of the country. It has been documented that the major complaint of the residents of these areas is that their environment have been converted to a mess owing to oil mining in this area. They cannot farm their land because waste products of refineries have ruin them, they cannot benefit from fishery in their rivers for the same reason.The majority of people in these areas are economically unproductive, they earn less but spend more, since they cannot farm and ordinary drink water has to be transported from other parts of the country or imported as the hydrosphere is endangered! This is the bone of contention between the people of the Niger delta and Nigeria government. As such, to alleviate the problems of civil unrest in the Niger delta, this project took it's effect; to save these places, preserve the ecosystem, provide job opportunities for the jobless Niger delta combatant, protect both rare and endangered species in the biosphere, purify the atmosphere of gaseous air pollutants, and preserve and protect the ozone layer. This project will at long run ensure peace in Nigeria, among other things. It is a pity that the last administration dedicated over 40% of it's budget to maintaining peace in the Niger delta alone as the whole place was converted to war-tun area by the combatant. So the uniqueness of any initiative that will help to save such destination on the edge is unquestionable!
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Community medicine department, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Shika Zaria,
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Community medicine department, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Shika Zaria,


, KD

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Community medicine department, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Shika Zaria,

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Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Shika, Zaria Nigeria

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, KD

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GOAL: Capture elements of biological diversity that can be missing from harvested sites

◦Retain wood fiber that is typically extracted from the forest ecosystem.
◦To the greatest degree possible, allow natural disturbance processes to determine the structure and composition of the forest ecosystem.
◦Facilitate biological monitoring to establish baseline data on the species, natural communities, and ecological processes that occur in forest ecosystems reserved from commercial timber harvesting.
◦Allow comparison of species, natural communities, and ecological processes on harvested sites with sites reserved from harvest of wood products.
◦Provide late-successional forest habitats for wildlife that represent the diversity of forest ecosystems in Massachusetts.
◦Inform management of harvested sites with knowledge of structural attributes that develop on reserve sites.
◦Provide unique recreational and aesthetic opportunities in biologically mature forest habitats that will develop over time in reserves.
.Provide raw materials for all industries that depends either directly or indirectly on forest products like the timber industry, the plastic industry, the paper industry, and other agro-allied industiries just to mention but a feiw


First and foremost, my organization is creating awareness in the people of the Niger delta, by getting them acquainted with the need to resolve their conflict with the Nigerian government through protection of their immediate environment whose destruction is their major complaint.

Second, my organization is collaborating with the institute of Agriculture nearby the Teaching Hospital to ensure provision of expertise and manpower needed to engineer this project in River state so as to ensure perfect foundation, proper coordination and smooth running.

Third, my organization is researching on the most economically useful forest trees to embark upon in establishing forest reserve in the places on the edge. for that we have come to the realization of the fact that both hardwood trees and softwood trees are suitable for the purpose.

Finally, we are embarking on afforestation of the places on the edge having gathered sufficient and credible technical-know-how and resources.


The first action has lead to the public awareness of the virtues of afforestation and the fact that afforestation in the war-tun areas of Niger delta offer the best resolution for the conflict.

Meanwhile, the second step has achieve a continuous interplay between the community medicine department of the Ahmadu Bello University and the nearby institute of Agriculture which is itself an offshoot of the school of agriculture of the same university, ensuring that the knowledge of public health is harmonized with that of forestry for saving the places on the edge.
Moreover, the research into tree types and economic importance has reveal that the following named trees are suitable for the purpose. Hyperion, Iroko, Mahogany, Obeche, Western red cedar etc.
Finally, patent samples of the aforementioned trees have been made available

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

First year
This is the year of awareness: indeed awareness is very essential in executing this project because the environment of the Niger delta people has ruin them to such an extent that no project can be executed in that area without facing a serious resistance from all levels, both their youth and the community. Kidnapping has become rampant in this area for the same reason. So it is imperative that the people of the Niger delta needs public enlightenment campaign to enable them understand the meaning and merits of this project, the short term and long term benefits to their youth and their community as well as Nigeria at large. Successful awareness will pave smooth way for the subsequent steps in the proper execution of this project.

Second year
This is the year of fund raising: Indeed, establishing a forest reserve of the type aforementioned is money intensive undoubtedly. Although, this innovation is founded upon basic starting capital right from inception, it is still evident that my organization need to raise fund specifically for this purpose so as to ensure the perfection of the noble project. It is a truism that the more we handle in cash, the wider we cover in saving the places on the edge.

Third year
This is the period of execution: Having gathered all the needed momentum in previous years, the third year is the proper time to execute this project as properly as documented. we need to plan as many trees as possible, both softwood and hardwood, the distribution of which is governed by the known land fertility profile. Following the afforestation, my organization will have to collaborate with major industries that depends on the forest products directly and indirectly to ensure good market for the harvest products.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

First, Civil unrest in the Niger delta: The people in this area have actually gone deep in all vices that are prone to hindering the development of this area. Combat upon combat may make life uneasy for the technical staffs that will be recruited to this area for executing the project.

Second, inconsistency in policy has been known long ago to top the list of all the banes confronting the economy in this country. The economic policy of the Nigerian government is enormously bizarre and it affects both foreign and local investors directly and indirectly. Moreover, the fact that the present administration has less than one year to go might result in abolishing all existing economic policies as we approach the new administration and we are highly subject to such inconsistency in policy.
Finally, capital is a limiting factor in the proper execution of this project. It is not yet guaranteed that all is well in term of finance until we lunch this project and solicit for fund from appropriate authorities.

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More than 10,000

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$100 ‐ 1000

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Operating for less than a year

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Institute of Agricultural Research, Samaru, Zaria

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More than 5 years

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This partnerships are very essential to the proper execution of this project for the fact that, they provide the good knowledge of forestry needed for the project, they provide the most appropriate technology for this project, they assist with the pre-trained personnel that are researching into this project. They also help create a link with the government for it's favours. Finally, they help reach out with the agro-allied industries who are supposed to be the patronizers of this project.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

Intensive research: I need to conduct intensive research on the geography of this targeted places on the edge so as to be armed with the full knowledge of what type of tree will grow well in what type of geographical area so as to have excellent yield and productivity. The research will also include the sort for which are the most economically useful forest trees in my area to ensure their domination in the forest reserve.

Fund raising: I need to lunch this project as early as possible in order to raise fund that is adequate for the execution. i need to get loans and overdraft from my bank to boost my capital. i need the help of friends and relatives to uplift my capital.

Appointing securities of the new forest reserve from among the combatants of the Niger delta: since, the combatants are major threat to the execution of this project, it would be a wise decision to make them the securities while executing the project and even at long run, they are best in this respect in the sense that they are acclimatised with the nooks and crannies of the trouble in the Niger delta

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

I have always been bordered about the number of lives that are lost in the Niger delta in a tug of war whose origin is traceable to the fact that their immediate environment (a place on the edge) is endangered, with consequent social and food insecurity in that area. Moreover i have a worry about the millions of US dollars spent annually by the Nigerian government just to make peace in the Niger delta. In addition, i am baffled with the way other nations will look at us knowing very well the high rate at which their citizens working in refineries in the Niger delta are been kidnapped.
The most important drive for this innovation is the global worming that is emanating from the depletion of the ozone layers owing to the release of green house gases from our refineries, as well as the high rate at which most rare and endangered species in the tropical rain forest of Nigeria are becoming extinct. The disruption of aquatic habitat is among the list too. The aforementioned is the ginger that call for intense reasoning and inception of the notion of converting places on the edge to forest reserv

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I am the innovator, a chartered stock broker, a creative writer. I nurse the hope of uplifting the life of Nigerians beyond the limit of the sky. I am interested in all endeavors and all fields of life.

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