Huai River Conservation Communicate Program

Huai River Conservation Communicate Program

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$100,000 - $250,000
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Green Anhui aims at becoming the center of actions which fight for the regular development of water and environment. We spare no effort to build the system for the citizens to take action against the water pollution, improve the local environment rights protection and eventually promote the policy popularity.

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 The government and the enterprises can’t get enough supervision and motivation from the public.  There are barriers in communication among the NGO, the public , the government and the enterprises .  The public don’t pay enough attention to the pollution and some illegal issues, let alone the measures.  It’s not approachable for the citizens to take part in fighting against the environment issues.  People in rural areas lack the awareness and ability to protect environment through laws.

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Green Anhui builds a system for the citizens to take measures, which works as a stage to support the citizens’ actions and popularizes the policies. The system makes it possible that the public can take part in some activities directly, like information gathering about pollution, field research, popularizing the policies, supervision and delation. Based on the practices in Bengbu and Hefei, we test and complete this system with the support from the public participation and media assistance. Besides, in order to awake the public awareness of environment protection, we foster some grass-root leaders and encourage the citizens to act spontaneously together with winning the support outside.
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Green Anhui
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Green Anhui

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Green Anhui

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Room 702,Building 7,Xi Yuan, Hua An Jia Yuan, Number 28, Yingshang Road, Hefei City,Anhui Province, China. 230041

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 Broaden the ways for the citizens to participate in the environment protection.
 Improve the surroundings and the body health of the victims.
 Awake the environment consciousness and strengthen the ability of the public. Improve the positivity of the citizens to solve the public issues, for example, Qiugang Village managed the long-time problem of waste.
 We succeeded in driving three chemical factories out of Qiugang Village, Bengbu China, which set an example for the other community in protecting the environment with laws.


We, as environmental NGO, tried our best to take a series of actions to help victims, when they met some problems on maintenance environmental right. Green Anhui successfully shut down three polluted chemical industries in Qiugang village by 3 years’ efforts. While, there were also 53 persons dead due to the pollution by the three industries over past 30 months. The case was filmed" A Qiugang Hero" and nominated as the 2010 Academy Award for Best Documentary .
-First step: Collection and Collation Environmental information from the website and the government
-Second step: Field research, collect evidence, and identify problems
-Third step: Report to the local government that the results of field research on polluted industry
-Forth step: Force the polluted industry feel the pressure to solve the pollution problem by media exposure
-Fifth step: If the local government has not any feedback, some activities were adopted to Enhance community awareness of environmental rights
-Sixth step: Cooperation with International NGO, Organize the public write the letter to enterprise and force the enterprise to address the pollution.
-Seventh step: Seek for Environmental litigation


 By the quick action efforts to respond the pollution incidents in Hefei, promot the chemical Factories to move in QiuGang Village, in the light of national conditions in China, respectively, and explore the most suitable for urban and rural public participation mechanism and platform for action to address the lack of public the way in environmental issues.
 Application by organizing public participation in environmental information disclosure, the policy team tracks the promulgation and implementation of related policies to create channels for dialogue between the Government and the public and provide the possibility for policy recommendations.
 Rural communities through grassroots leaders training , and indirectly raise public environmental awareness throughout the community and increase public participation in solving public problems enthusiasm and ability.
 Establish good communication with the media relations and ease public concern about environmental contamination environmental protection through a press Sharon.
 Reduce the pollution hazard mitigation through the positive or indirect communication with the enterprise.
 Help environmental victims

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

 2011 - basic work builds
 build public participation platform: trying to carry out policy follow-up activities; Establish the application of environmental information openness group; Organization public conduct environmental events; deal with water pollution, Research report system of hefei environment fault.
 choose villages environment, environmental health knowledge rights education, seeking publicity of sustainable attention villages to carry out their work
 structures and media communication platform: regular media shallum, Annual media conference.
 developing enterprise preliminary communication - by green choice alliance
 2012 - strengthen policy proposals, and public closer cooperation
 further management public participation platform: established policy tracking team, and raise timely from Green Anhui opinion; Will the application of environmental information openness, and the regularity of existing processes and imperfect rectification opinion; More mature to deal with emergency environmental accidents, For hefei environment report system put forward reasonable opinion.
 contaminated villages further legal aid, and submit the case to anhui environment federation may.
 and media form an alliance and launching a common attention in rural pollution topic, villages.
 and enterprise communication frequency and depth increase
 2013 - establish credibility, established the environment report center
 public participation spontaneous, Green Anhui environment report established center, improve efficiency; hold Ngos government have the opportunity to respond to the common pollution incident, Prompted local environmental protection bureau environmental public information dynamics; To submit environmental CPPCC proposal.
 increase contaminated village rights propaganda range, pollution problem by villages
 enterprises want to make corrections

What would prevent your project from being a success?

 NGO is not well-acknowledged by the government, the public and the enterprises in China, which results in some difficulties in communication.
 It’s hard to build bridge between the government and NGO in communication.
 Because of the grass-root, there are some limits in NGO, like personnel is liquid; the team is not stable or professional enough; the source of fund is changeable.
 There are many unreliable elements during the grass-root leader training, such as the obstruction from local government, the shortage of environmental consciousness or abandonment halfway.
 The laws available now say that NGO can’t act as the subject of lawsuit in environment protection, which blocks the environment protection.

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$100 ‐ 1000

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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Green Anhui

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1‐5 years

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 Media: Extensive media coverage forced the government to start paying attention to pollution in Qiugang Village, and also pressured the local government to penalize polluting enterprises, which were eventually shut down. BBC, CCTV, Xinan Evening News, Anhui Legal News and Anhui Radio were involved in.
 China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection: Through our reporting and public power; Bengbu City was implemented the "restrictive drainage area" policy by the China’s Ministry of Environmental Protection. During this time, all of the projects, except environmental project, were restricted.
 Local Government: The three polluted chemical enterprises were notified many times to shut down by local government, and eventually, on 20 Dec 2008, they were ordered to relocate.
 NGO: Qiugang Village's pollution problems was supported by Green Peace, All-China Environment Federation and other organizations, they provide some skills on how to maintain environmental rights
 Lawyers: Qiugang Village's pollution problem was also supported by public interest lawyers, they helped the victims of a polluted environment by public interest litigation.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

 The staff of NGO internal team: personnel who major in law or environmental science consist of a team which should last more than 2 years, start working on schedule.
 Get the public involved with building a platform for them:organize track policy teams, on-call response teams and teams studying pollution delation system.
 Research and summarize in daily life, put forward the proper scheme.

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

In 2006, Green Anhui linked the heavily polluted factories in the limelight in Qiugang Village,where
53 died during 20 months and 80% of them died of cancer. We helped the native to start environment protection spontaneously, encouraged the media to report the local pollution and upheld the rights of the villagers with means of law; finally three polluting chemical plants were shut down and moved out of Qiugang Village on 20th December 2008. Our effort won the strong support from more than 2400 villagers, who called us “eco-defenders” sincerely. In 2008, Green Anhui and the American director Ruby Yang coproduced a documentary about Huaihe River, in which Qiugang Village Case was described as the key part. This documentary finished in September 2010 was named “Warriors in Qiugang Village”, which is nominated for Academy Award for best documentary in 2010 and is also the unique documentary that reflects the maladies in China.

Tell us about the social innovator behind this idea.

In 2004 to defend the huaihe those days, every day engraved on my memory.
In 2004, more than 100 kilometers of the huaihe river near sewage regiment. Sewage, every killing fled, even fish jumped to shore and national vibrations. I took my Green Anhui volunteers to the huaihe river basin. In examining, we learned that some polluting enterprises in the wind when MingGou blowdown pine, Tube tightening some, dig AnGou blowdown, again tight little, they simply put sewage loaded to VAT, midnight drive pour into a nearby river, Meet leadership to emergency inspection, incredibly still dare from reservoir upstream to buy water washing river, have no need not to the extreme. A large enterprise 24 blowdown AnGou, we were found 18, and take on record.
When Some volunteers first start out environmental activities ,they think very purely and simply, think what enterprise pollution caused by the direct closing them, not to go? And on-the-spot investigation to let them know, environmental protection, still far from such simple involves many person's survival and economic development. Ngos taught them mature conception of environmental protection - good environmentalists walk not radical, violent, too utopian road, but coordinated development.
The huaihe river protection exchange project success, around the huaihe river environmental protection, we conducted research and investigation, publicity, ring teach, publications, roving exhibitions etc series activities, along the huai established close to 30 along the huai protecting group. Almost all the anhui undergraduate colleges and universities have students involved. A player of environmental investigation report won the first prize in anhui province, and the challenge of environmental volunteers survey become outstanding research papers.
Green Anhui positive activity, can win the applause and domestic and foreign environmentalists attention.
On September 27, 2004, on behalf of Green Anhui I was invited into the great hall of the people in Beijing, where he received domestic top environmental award of "the ford motor HuanBaoJiang".
In April 2005, the Green Anhui won the domestic first non-government environmental award, the ALaShan split ecological award.
Accept, I recalled environmental activities in order to save money - panning, putting money effective use of resources, looked at every volunteer self-provided mat, evening at the local school classroom on the ground and sleep. Mosquito attack, when it rains, rain and slurry flow to the room, put the shoes are floated. However, remember us to this land have done, I just feel happy.

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