Marine Protection for Conservation and Livelihoods

Marine Protection for Conservation and Livelihoods

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The NP MPA role is to act as an umberella organisation, assisting member villages to combind conservation activities with tourism. These activities include school education/awareness programs, turtle tagging, coral re-seeding, scuba company visits, kayak tours, snokelling in conservation areas, fish feeding programs - with funds going to the NP MPA to assist with research and monitoring activities.

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The NP MPA has focussed more on education and training rather than revenue raisising, leaving us with few funds to cycle back in to management activities. The focus of the organisation is to shift to a sustainable model - to get funds back into our local communtities through conservation activities.

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The Nguna Pele Marine Protected Area network runs local and international education programs that include interactive tourism activities. School groups, scuba organisations, kayak tours and university organisations come through the NP MPA to learn about conservation issues and indigenous management methods. Our members are advisers for their own villages to set rules/'tabus' within their own villages - allowing autonomy for each village chief to maintain customary systems within their own village. Tourism based education allows international visitors to learn about customary tenure management systems in addition to the issues effecting our reefs - and ways to make a difference.
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Nguna Pele Marine Protected Area
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Nguna Pele Marine Protected Area


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Nguna Pele Marine Protected Area

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The NP MPA has assisted greatly in promoting the North Efate region as a marine conservation hub.

Our members are advisers to other government and non-government agencies. We have assisted with education and training activiites throughout Vanuatu.


The NP MPA is working with loca tour operators to establish well run kayak conservation tours, and work with local snorkelling and scuba companies.


The NP MPA has touched the lives of many young youth locally and internationally through it's school educaiton programs - that include awareness raising, interactive coral re-seeding programs and swimming/snorkelling programs.

Protection of our local reefs allow for snorkelling and scuba companies to run tours highlighting our reefs beuty. These companies cycle money back into local communities.

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Project Planning and Training required

Year 2.
Further training/mentoring, marketing and equipment.

Year 3
Further training/mentoring

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Less than $50

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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More than 5 years

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The NP MPA has various good working relationships with government and non-government organisations such as the Department of Environment, Dep or Fisheries and Dep. of Tourism. In addition the NP MPA has/does work with universitities such as James Cook University (Australia) and the University of the South Pacific (Vanuatu). These two way relationship involves advise and training that benefits the MPa and the partner organisation.
These links with government and non-government bodies are important for marine management and our organisational growth.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

1. Finance
2. Training
3. Marketing

Finance is needed to assist with boosting training and marketing within the network.

Training of MPA members in tour guiding/education based skills is essential to get our conservation message across in a fun and interactive way. Then what is needed is to spread the word - through marketing of the organsiation.

The Story
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The NP MPA has been acting as marine educators for several years. Currently, the network is not strategically set up for marine education/tourism - but has been working in this area. The network requirs support through donor funding to assist with establishment of the strategic focus of tourism meets conservation via training and marketing

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The NP MPA runs on voluntary acts my it's 16 members. These members are the social change agents within their own communities - establishing tabu's and running local education programs and marine monitoring/management activities. The local waters need to be protected to work in harmony with tourism activities - such as clean reefs for tourists to snorkel on.
The innovator is that these volunary contributions would be extended through funds raised.

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