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1-hour guided walk tour through resort's Heart-of-House area where environmental management, recycling and composting facility, herbal and vegetable garden, etc. were shown.

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Attitude of people about environmental practices needs to improve. Most people thought waste management needs huge investment and complicated, environmental friendly technology is expensive, etc., which is not correct. SLOW LIFE Trail shows that waste management is very simple when everyone gives hands in and environmental friendly technology is cost effective. Support from the government needs to improve because only private companies and local communities have insufficient power to move in the bigger scale.

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SLOW LIFE Trail is shows guests, local school students, and visitors the environmental practices of the resort via walk into heart-of-house area, where normally hidden. SLOW LIFE Trail is not only students and communities, but also welcome other hotels to see our practices without fee. Feature includes tropical plants found in the resort, Herbs and Vegetables Garden, Chipping Machine, Bio-diesel Plant, Recycling Corner, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Biomass Absorption Chiller and Fresh Water Reservoir. At Recycling Corner, the fun game sets for visitors to shoot garbage into the different bins for recycling. Benefits for recycling and the system of recycle in Thailand, which runs by private sectors by selling waste to the factory. Composting of garden waste and food scraps provide fertile soil for Herbs and Vegetables Garden. Tap water and drinking water produced from collected rainwater. Wastewater treated and use for garden irrigation. Used cooking oil from kitchen turns to Bio-diesel and consumed by shipping machine, waste-to-wealth. The objective of SLOW LIFE Trail is not only to educate visitors, but also to display simplicity being in harmony with the culture and natural surroundings to everyone. There is no competitor if we talk about environmental problems; sharing experience is the way out.
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Evason Phuket & Bon Island
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Evason Phuket & Bon Island

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Evason Phuket & Bon Island

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100 Viset Rd. M.2 Rawai Phuket 83130, Thailand

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More than 1900 people have done SLOW LIFE Trail since 2006. They are really appreciated and some were inspired. Local school students start looking into waste separation and recycle. Waste exchange network has established for trading used-cooking oil to produce bio-diesel, and garden waste for biomass absorption chiller amongst resorts. Wastes sent to incinerator from resort were significantly reduced, and inspire the communities to do likewise.


Once Evason Phuket put a lot of efforts on environmental management and social contribution and guests questions about what we have done, SLOW LIFE Trail programme has set and promoted to guests, and visitors to encourage them to see how the resort is working with its concept – Sustainable, Local, Organic, Wholesome, Learning, Inspiring, Fun, and Experiences. Communicate the good stories to the media such as local press, website, social network, etc. and try to engage more people to be involved.


Rising of local people’s awareness on environmental conservation, particularly waste management because waste is the big problem for Phuket. Most of people who have done SLOW LIFE Trail are school kids in various ages-primary up to master degree level. Local community leaders and other hotels/resorts also welcome to join SLOW LIFE Trail, free-of-charge, as every single sector needs to give hands for environmental conservation.

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SLOW LIFE Trail aims to share resort's practices and achievements, and wish they implement or adapt what they have seen at their home/business. However, the most important thing is about creating awareness.

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Most of the time, environmental awareness of people seems to be ignored.

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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Partnership with any organization is to bring more people involve. That means more potential for people to be educated and motivated/inspired.

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Even the resort has a lot of good practices, but comments and recommendations from outsiders still needed. Some non-government organizations such as EarthCheck®, Thai Green Leaf Foundation, Development of Environment and Energy Foundation, etc. provide the useful guidelines for improvement and promotion of SLOW LIFE Trail and so on. Through those organizations, the resort became well known in the way of environmental friendly resort. More guests, and visitors come for SLOW LIFE Trail and implement at their place.

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