Step towards conservation: Bhotekoshi River Festival

Step towards conservation: Bhotekoshi River Festival

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$10,000 - $50,000
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A riverine community is having earnings from Bhotekoshi River. Bhotekoshi Vicinity is the best tourism destinations in Nepal. River is gradually seemed polluted. To disseminate and educate riverine community and school children, the project will be the best tool which will go for a month starting from world wetlands day.

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The dependency on the river is increasing as the demand of fresh water is increasing as well. Contradict to that, the river is taken as the open end of the sewage cannel. Beside that the bank of the river is also considered as open dumping side. In order to stop this, a grassroots level awareness along with the exposure of the river. Further, the pressure should be driven towards governments, bureaucrats and policy makers for the sustainable use of the river.

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The concept of festival would be the unique and innovative in Sindhupalchowk (Bhotekoshi River Vicinity). We Nepalese are prosperous in traditional festival. We have dozen of such festival. But this festival will be different than the traditional one which will focus on environment conservation (river conservation, wetlands, and community forestry). The program included in Bhotekoshi River Festival is listed below: a. School Awareness Program b. Community Awareness Program c. Petition campaign d. Youth initiative Program e. Rafting Program i. For School Students ii. For local Clubs iii. For GOs, I/NGOs, CBOs, General public, and Foreigner These programs will help to increase the importance of water in our life as well as in river tourism. So, this will be the festival of our time rather than that traditional type.
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Nepal River Conservation Trust
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Nepal River Conservation Trust

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Nepal River Conservation Trust

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After the construction of Arniko Highway; that connects Nepal and China, tourist started visiting Sindhupalchowk district where Bhotekoshi River flows. Bhotekoshi River is the most powerful white water rafting river of the world. More than 80 companies run their action packed trips on this river and 70% of rafting tourists enjoy this white water rafting.


At the primary level, we are more focused on the awareness building, and pressure building activities. The programs like the Inter School River Quiz Competition, Workshop on importance of river, essay competition and speech competition will flash out the importance of river to the school children. The next step will be the programs based on community level with the involvement of the youth such as folk song competition, water sports competition and cleanup campaign. The final step will be the down river rafting for the local peoples, students and the people from different walk of life from Kathmandu or any other place.


The Children residing on the riverine community will know the importance of their natural assets. They will develop the best techniques for the sustainable use of river, flowing through than, by them. The youth will be motivated for the conservation of the river and leave it in its natural condition for the generation to come. The cleanup campaign will help to make the river environment clean and the participation of youth will prevent it from the further pollution. The conservation trip rafting will light up the importance of river which ultimately helps to boost up the river tourism both by internal and external tourist.

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To be successful over the next three years, the replication of the concept is the most. Different River Festival should be celebrated incorporating different components which will be possible according to region, climate, and community. Media campaign should be another tool to disseminate the project work. Another essential is, design of promotional materials i.e. brochure, posters, flyers and etc.

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To introduce a new concept and its component will definitely be very difficult in countryside areas. To overcome the obstacle, I have planned to make fun with water sports as I listed above. There are different obstacles which will be causative agent for my project. Basically, financing will be the main problem to make my project successful.

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$50 - 100

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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Nepal River Conservation Trust

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More than 5 years

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1. Mass Campaign 2. Youth initiative Program 3. Participation to the different mass awareness program.

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Ashoka Fellow Megh Ale is changing the way river communities, politicians, and the greater Nepalese society understand and provide for the conservation of Nepal’s awe-inspiring river heritage. Through the Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT), Megh and other like-minded river guides are creating a new standard for ecotourism in Nepal that protects and advocates for Nepal’s river ecosystems, while also transforming the way society at large values Nepal’s rivers.

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