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Monamoea (Mother Nature Mother Earth) is about concsiousness and ecology in philosophy and is about communication and is about natural world experiences that awaken the dormant spirit of the individual to the sheer beauty and wonder of the hierachycal system of Monamoea. It does not pretend to be religious but respectful and sincere and honest. It pretends to be of pleasure and learning and helping towards others at different levels of consciousness.

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Quality of tourism management and impact on the destination

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Corporate monolithic approach to tourism

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Establish community incentives

What is the goal of your innovation?

Principally to educate people in the importance of our relationship with the natural world...the impacts and contaminations.

How does your approach support or embody geotourism?

It supports in the sense that the world is a unique ecosystem of smaller systems and wherever we go there will always be a human footprint...this is inevitable but we must learn to respect our environment. We cannot live in a comfortable ignorance nor suffer the permanent damages that are being done..we must awaken people to their worldly responsibility but also how to enjoy it.

Describe your approach in detail. How is it innovative?

The educative formula is to use a simple method of photographic scenarios and open windows to personal discoveries at the level of recipients – kids – students – travellers – tourists. This is then proceeded to involve them at hands on level for meaningful experiences and basic understandings showing them that getting involved is fun, easy and personally rewarding

What types of partnerships or professional development would be most beneficial in spreading your innovation?

There are businesses and individuals who seek to place funds in projects that create good PR and interesting involvement...where there are appreciable benefits and good practices. Involvement at this level is one where people being partnered would also realise valuable experiences for their financial input.

In one sentence describe what kind of impact, change, or reform your approach is intended to achieve.

To reverse impact on the environment by conscious activity and thereby increase our benefit in equilibrium.

Describe the degree of success of your approach to date. Clearly define how you measure quantitative and qualitative impact in terms of how your approach contributes to the sustainability or enhancement of local culture, environment, heritage, or aesthetics? How does your approach minimize negative impacts? 200 words or less

All success is relative and one starts from the maxim that “ failure is never having started” and that always along the way one is achieving

How does your program promote traveler enthusiasm, satisfaction, and engagement with the locale?

The emphasis is in the access to the ecology and the ease by which one can understand through should not over emphasise things as the need to be scientifically just needs to have an interest to develop and produce beneficial experiences.

In what ways are local residents actively involved in your innovation, including participation and community input? How has the community responded to or benefited from your approach?

Locals are of course involved but unfortunately many are lazy and prefer the couch or the Bar than go out and do important things such as cleaning up the environment because local government is trying to avoid paying for it and thus hope that volunteers will do it so nobody wants to do things...visitors are different and dedicated interest groups do a blend of help and recieve...a 50/50 of give and take.

Describe how your innovation helps travelers and local residents better understand the value of the area’s cultural and natural heritage, and educates them on local environmental issues. How do you motivate them to act responsibly in their future travel decisions?

In this issue our environment almost dictates that necessity and this is expressed within a specific interest or activity that the ecosystem plays relative to the environment activity by the participants.

Is your initiative financially and organizationally sustainable? If not, what is required to make it so? What is the potential demand for your innovation?

Of course this activity is sustainable because it adapts and follows changes...financially it is working on shoe strings because often innovation needs to be seriously proven... it also needs the help of those concsious of the needs and type of benefit.

How is your initiative currently financed? If available, provide information on your finances and organization that could help others. Please list: Annual budget, annual revenue generated, size of part-time, full-time and volunteer staff.

Shoe personnal sacrifice and bloody minded-ness to struggle for an important issue that politicians wont repect the need to invest in a larger level of education...they want the world ignorant.

What is your plan to expand your approach? Please indicate where/how you would like to grow or enhance your innovation, or have others do so.

There is realy a beautiful project of expansion of this work which can seriously help the situation and also the 3rd world people to better understand and manage their environment both at the family /societal level and the geotouristic. The educational-experience base for participants at the higher level is inspiring.

What are the main barriers you encounter in managing, implementing, or replicating your innovation? What barriers keep your program from having greater impact?

The barriers are always the same and stem from political dogmatism, elitism and apathy in the other institutions. People talk about “doing things” and suddenly a repair kit is unveiled and out come some pathches and the ubiquitous cement to either cover it or build around it...there is also political PR gambit where projects are carried out by political scientists and funds used for pleasure rather than education sensibilisation or hands-on for those who have interest and capacity.

The Story
What is the origin of your innovation? Tell your story.

The story is simple but it resides in a world that is being manipulated and conquered by fear and poverty. It is in a vast conspiracy of elite interests and world dominance financially and politically that the natural world is merely a raw material to be consumed for profits and the populace are nothing more than numbers who consume and die.
The natural world is our treasure and the pirates are out there robbing it...there are many who take the money and run. I and others are not running we are here to show things differently and provide our abilities to those who would share and attempt a better world system.
We are under no illusions but allusions to release our consciousness as though a pollen into the wind for those who would flower from it.

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I had always felt that I was born too late to be a great explorer (as in Africa) and too soon to be a spaceman...but after years of my scuba diving experiences, I realized that I am a (great) explorer of inner space, the ocean realm and the beautiful gardens of corals as much as the dramatic darknesses of say, Scottish waters. I evolve into a consciousness that takes in other bioscenes and live to fulfil a personal philosophy that identifies “God” as being the natural world power and that it is female. The after life is one where what we learn here takes us there and so the power goes on with our conscious participation..our efforts to do good get rewarded anyway because the consciousness rewards.

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Monamoea (Mother Nature Mother Earth) is about concsiousness and ecology in philosophy and is about communication and is about natural world experiences that awaken the dormant spirit of the individual to the sheer beauty and wonder of the hierachycal system of Monamoea. It does not pretend to be religious but respectful and sincere and honest. It pretends to be of pleasure and learning and helping towards others at different levels of consciousness.