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Virtual Job Database

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The model for young women, victims of trafficking, from age 18 who are ready to get involved in to the labor market. The model is innovative because: * virtual job database for victims of trafficking will ensure succesful reintegration through data about possible practice placements, new jobs and ways of presenting onself to employers; * IT technologies will be used to create an informative portal which will include all the necessary information about human trafficking; * virtual learning material (CD format) will be composed in order to ease learning process for successful employment. The model will involve not only organizations who practically work with victims of trafficking but also potential employers.


As the problem of trafficking in people is still increasing, more and more Lithuanian NGO's, governmental institutions and other professionals are implementing variuos programs and projects to change the situation. However, the public sector and the rest of the society still don't know much. With the help of virtual job database and learning material we would be able to spread information, acquaint employers with the existing situation and involve them into the process.

Tipping Point:

The model will help victims of trafficking to learn new skills, enhance inner motivation and empower themselves to effective changes, for example gaining experience in the practice placements and forming future job expectations etc; potential employers, who are a very important part of our society, will have opportunity to get involved in understanding trafficking in people and decreasing the problem.


The proposed virtual job database and learning material is replicable. The follow-up steps are thoughtfully planned and the model can be adapted in any other country or geographical area. The person or organization has to be devoted and motivated to do the job and reach expected results. Our organization has the experience in the fieldand is ready to share information and the best practices.


Our purpose is to help victims of trafficking to reitnegrate in the society and because of this fact we will do everything possible to sustain the model over the long- term with the help of government and other donors. If we aim to combat the problem and make society aware of it, we have to try out every possiblity to implement the model and make an impact in every part of the world.

Organization Size:

volunteers - 12, full-time - 4, part-time - 3.