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What is your idea? What makes it innovative? Why is it important? is a free CMS and Community Builder for NGOs, based on concept. Using our easy web-interface, in one click non-profit organisations can put the Green CMS and Community builder at the service of their social goals. No installation, no maintenance, no updates required from your side; we take care of the technical aspects, so users can focus on their social mission.

What will be the impact of your idea?'s social value is in making easier for users to communicate their goals to current and potential stakeholders/volunteers/beneficiaries. Unlike other CMS, Coonteo is focused on social goals and not users´ profiles (as mainstream social networks do), is web-based (does not require users to deal with installation and maintenance) and is comprehensive (blogging, bookmarks, forum, all in one solution and one login, no need to manage users on several platforms).

Coonteo's main impact is to take away the IT-workload from people and organisations who want to be successfull in online communication, content management and community building (to gather like-minded individuals who want to pursue common goals, or have common interests).

People: We are looking for ideas from people who can make them happen.

We have already successfully built and grown It is a European Social Network with a social agende: promoting peace, multilingualism and development in Europe and neighbouring Countries by linking people and making easier to learn new languages.

We will find additional contributors using free-lancers recruiting websites (for the commercial version) and relaying on volunteers (who can be found on site like Changemakers) for the non-profit solution.

How much will it cost to launch your idea?

Estimated investment is about USD 30.000, mainly to:
- complete platform development
- test and document platform
- upgrade hosting plan
- successfully launch the service

So far, we have been counting on self-financing to get the project started. Target beneficiaries are no-profit users, which get the service for free (hosted on or on their own server), and commercial users, which pay a fee for the service (which they can configure from and make the service financially substainable.