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Large, structured virtual world meant for simulation of a real society. MMORPG focused on the role of medias in contemporary politics. There is no any similar project, yet. Basic gameplay offers a whole new way in studing medias and its influence over the society. The project imply large number of controled players (idealy students), that makes it usefull for wide range of academic researchs.

What will be the impact of your idea?

To emphasize the importance of media regulation in vulnerable societies and to explore and uncover possible ways of media manipulation/misusing in modern world.

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There is no team, yet but project suppose to be based on open ISO Web3D standard graphics format, VRML\X3D. That technology is widely known and used in universities around the world so it shouldn't be a problem to gather a team durring the development.

How much will it cost to launch your idea?

Building of the initial world could be accomplished for about 20000-25000$ in one year. I have more than 10 years of experiance and I can have it done alone. After the game enters commercial phase it would be a membership fee, it offers a lot of space for advertising, too. There is no funding so far.