Al-Entelaq: A Newspaper for Youth

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Al-Entelaq: A Newspaper for Youth

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To create an official newspaper for youth and produced completely by youth which publishes opinions, ideas, and articles relevant to the youth in Yemeni society.

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The youth today do not have a voice or active involvement in their society, which often leads to them wasting their time chewing qat or being unmotivated to work. This newspaper will give them an official voice and place to express themselves and their thoughts and opinions, while at the same time encouraging its youth readers to change their lifestyle.

Project Description

To create an official newspaper for youth and produced completely by youth which publishes opinions, ideas, and articles relevant to the youth in Yemeni society.

Unique and different

Right now there is no official, full newspaper completely devoted to youth and run by youth.

Project plan

Starting this month (October), we will begin publishing our newspaper which was previously just a university paper, for circulation throughout the Republic of Yemen. We will continue publishing our paper every month. As soon as we are able to make our paper official, we will begin gathering youth pages from school newspapers and other media sources from all areas around Yemen. We will select articles from each publication to publish in this main newspaper. In this way, Al-Entelaq will be relevant and interesting for youth throughout Yemen and not just in Sanaa. Also, we will create a sort of competition to encourage students to contribute to their publications. Every month, our team will select the best articles/submissions/poems/subjects that have been published in youth publications throughout Yemen, and give prizes for them. That way, we will motivate students and youth to express themselves and want to write.


Womens Media Forum-they provide us with office space, a computer, fax machines, etc. We started that relationship because one of our members works with the organization and approached them with our project.


We intend that this newspaper will be circulated throughout Yemen and provide articles and information that Yemeni youth can relate to, that will change their way of thinking and also provide them with an outlet for their expression.


Thus far, our project has reached all the students in the Media/Communications department of Sanaa University and has involved other students. Sanaa University has 16 colleges. Each month, we publish 1000 copies. In October, we will publish 4000 copies. We hope that youth from all around Yemen will benefit from having an official paper for them

How do you engage and impact the community?

As stated before, we will engage the youth by encouraging them through competitions and by using their own publications to write for the paper, and by using articles and features that are important to Yemeni youth, and that their peers have written, we will get them interested in the publication and read more about it. In that way, we will be able to share our ideas and give them a way to share theirs. We will also inform them of the various opportunities available to them throughout Yemen, whether it is training courses or scholarships or other sorts of information that are useful to them.

How do you measure this impact?

We will measure this with our readership, how many issues we sell, and also how many contributors we have to the paper. We will also see if our paper is changing attitudes and mentalities by the editorial section, which will be open to youth to write their opinions.


We want to eliminate the advertisements on the newspaper and make it a paper that is all for youth, not for advertisements and dont want them to interfere in the information we provide and the reception we get from our readers. Therefore, we need to get funding from the students to pay for the publication of the paper. In order to make our paper official (that we can sell in news kiosks and bookstores), the Ministry of Information and Media demands that we need to have a $3,500 account in the bank and a $500 collateral. Also, when our publication gets larger, we will need more logistical and administrative resources, a printer, office, computers, etc.

Financing source
(or how do you expect your initiative will be financed)

Currently, our initiative is financed through advertisements in the paper and student donations. In the future, we hope that the paper will be free of advertisements and funded by student donations, outside assistance, and a minimal price on the paper.

Aside from financial sustainability, how do you plan to grow and sustain your project?

Right now, our paper is written only by students at Sanaa University. We plan to open the publication to all students and youth throughout Yemen to contribute to the paper, and include articles and submissions from all governorates and cities in Yemen. In the future, we hope to expand our office and perhaps even make offices in the other major cities in Yemen.

Finance details

Approximate budget:
Every 1000 publications= -$175
Internet and Computer use= -$75
Advertisements= $150
Student Donations= $100

Number of people on team: 8 (Editor in Chief, Assistant Editor, Editing manager, Secretary (2), Editors)

Creative funding

Publishing advertisements in our paper. Getting donations from students who are interested in this paper. Getting donations from our team.

Other non finance needs

Office space, printing press or access to printing press, computers, paper, assistance in gathering articles and publications throughout Yemen, permission to make this newspaper official (sell in news kiosks and bookstores).

The Story

We are youth journalists studying journalism at Sanaa University and wanted to make an official newspaper just for students and youth, without any middleman or any other publisher. We thought if we just wrote the articles, printed the paper, we could distribute it to youth all around Yemen. In the past, students had a similar idea, but they only wrote one or two articles and that was it. It is the first time our paper has looked like a real newspaper, because we had committed journalists. And as the paper expanded and became more and more professional in form, we realized we could make it a nationwide paper.


We have written articles for national newspapers. We have received a certificate from Women Media Forum for our work and designating us as journalists. We are well known in the journalism community as those who established El-Entelaq.

Broader context

We will spread news and information about our society and our youth to our peers around Yemen and they will have access to this information and in a way that they can relate to. They will learn that there is an organization out there making a publication exclusively for them and feel motivated to develop their own ideas and also learn more about their society and world that they live in, as well as contributing to it. If the paper continues to spread, more youth around the world will be able to learn more about the thoughts and situation of youth in Yemen.


We are originally journalists, and will continue to work towards spreading information and encouraging involvement from our readership throughout our lives. We will continue to pursue projects that can connect people and reach them in a way that is relevant to them.

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How did you hear about this competition?

from Soo-Rae Hong at YCMES through the Womens Media Forum.