Cyprus Bold Leaders Rock Concert

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Cyprus Bold Leaders Rock Concert

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People from both communities listened to the same music and had fun at the same time, thus showing they aren't so different after all.

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Cyprus is divided by a peace zone, a buffer zone. After 1974 the 2 largest communities of Cyprus were separated and remain so until today. Greek-speaking cypriots and turkish-speaking cypriots are being taught how the other side was to blame for the separation and the feeling of hatred remains until today. Unfortunately, this is the biggest problem,fanatism and nationalism. This is the problem which was tackled through the rock concert...! People from both communities listened to the same kind of music and had fun at the exact same time, thus showing they are not so different after all.

Project Description

People from both communities listened to the same music and had fun at the same time, thus showing they aren't so different after all.

Unique and different

Firstly, this is a huge wake-up call to those who believe that all the people from the opposite community are a threat and that all they want to do is kill them. By bringing this huge event in the heart of the problem, the most central part of the island's capital (which is by the way the only divided capital in the world) we got the interest of many people and especially teenagers,who were our target group. People realised that u know, i just heard a band playing and i liked it and they were turkish speaking cypriots,and I'm a greek speaking cypriot...! I headbanged with a guy next to me i didn't even know, turns out we like the same type of music,we could be friends!

The uniqueness of this idea is that it is the first bold project being done with bicommunal basis and actually working. It was done in the middle of Nicosia,easily accessible by anyone, without the fear of an alleged attack of nationalists etc.

Project plan

The project plan is basically reviewing what went wrong and what can be improved because this project is now going to be made into an annual event...! After 6 months time,or less, we will start organising the sequel.


With various people and organisations, e.g some bicommunal organisations in both communities, some newspapers,some radio stations, the american embassy in Cyprus and many more. An ambassador also visited the concert!


Shock,to some people,and gratitude to some others who snatched this opportunity to have fun with their friends from the opposite community. Many important people took interest in this and are still inviting us to events they organise etc,wanting to know more about who Cyprus Bold Leaders are and what we do and stand for.


The number cannot be counted,I know for sure that this project has served and benefited everyone who seeked this bicommunal coexistence as well as everyone who didn't since it made them realise that everyone is Cypriot after all.

How do you engage and impact the community?

As Cyprus Bold Leaders we organise projects,though this was the largest one so far. We take on the responsibility in our schools etc to show another perspective to our fellow students,as well as teachers many times. Meeting with each other also impacts the community, we can just walk up to someone in a starbucks and say to them, hey do u want to meet my friend from the opposite community? In our families as well...recently we have had a bicommunal relationship between a Greek-speaking Cypriot girl and a Turkish-speaking Cypriot boy and this resulted in the families actually accepting this and starting to view the opposite community in a different way!

How do you measure this impact?

There is not really a measure to this...if you can impact your environment then you are doing what you said you were going to do. One's way of impacting might not be somebody else's, so I can't really meausre how much the impact is,I can just make sure it is there,which is the important thing.


Obstacles do not exist, we have limiting circumstances which stop us from doing our desired thing. For example, nationalists are a huge issue,since many of them do not even have the slightest of idea about the history of our island and they still persist on hating the opposite community. We have schools and parents which do not allow much free time in order to organise such events and projects to impact our environment. Lastly, teachers. They follow a specific education system which sheep-izes students into giving fixed answers and by blocking any kind of personal interference in them.

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Advertisement of course, RIK helped in this which is the government-owned channel on the island. Also, we have our posters which remain on walls etc. We have had some articles being written after the concert,as a reminder of everyone of what happenned. All these will give us more supporters for our next rock concert which will be made an annual event of course. The growth is basically what goes around by mouth and the bands which played claim it was one of their biggest live performances ever!

Finance details

Personal donations by Bold Leaders
American Embassy in Cyprus
Nicosia Municipality

Creative funding

Not really creative,just kind of adverse since I had to write an email from the United States back to Cyprus and then Panayiotis Kyriacou,another organiser sent it to the American Embassy of Cyprus!

Other non finance needs

Advertisement and refreshments during the concert. Advertisements were put in newspapers,magazines,posters and the radio. Next year we are planning on having refreshments given free to the concert in exchange to a space on the poster!

The Story

It was just an idea I had after my return to Cyprus from a bicommunal youth summer camp in Denver Colorado sponsored by AMIDEAST and Fulbright. I was very impacted by the program, I must admit. So there I was, lying in my bed with my laptop on my lap watching the screen and thinking of the friends I made in the U.S who I now missed like hell. It was about 4AM when I came up with it and just threw the idea in the forum...Now this idea grew and grew until it finally formulated to what we did on the 20th of September in Eleftherias Square in Nicosia! Panayiotis Kyriacou and Andreas Tsiakkaris were the 2 people with who we actually organised this. It was going to take place in June 2008 at first, but due to some problems with the United Nations we had to change our venue and date. The motivation that kept me and the other going was simply the fact thet we believed in what we were doing, we were passionate about this. We completely got killed in the process, but managed to fulfill our goals and set up even higher ones for next year.


Recognition by our friends was good enogh for me, and knowing that I did this for a reason I believe in. But we also got some credit from the American Embassy as they posted an article for us and sent us congatulations through email!

Broader context

There are negotiations and talks being made now for Cyprus and how it will be reunified politically. This rock concert was a means of helping the island "reunifying" socially.


It was an event that greatly managed my organisational skills and it is also a huge lift, thinking that I managed to complete such a difficult task with only my words and friends having my back. It was very hard,extremely hard i must say. This is why it will be like a simile in my life, whenever I find difficulties I can say ok, I can get over this,like I did with the rock concert. I can do whatever I want in my life,and I proved this with the project and this will carry on for the rest of my life.

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From Michael Donahue, the facilitator of the program and founder of Critical Mass Leadership Education.