Future Guardians

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Future Guardians

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Spreading awareness to protect the youth from the dangers of drugs.

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The geographical location of Yemen (southwest of Asia), surrounded by the Red Sea and Arabian Sea makes the country a perfect pathway for drugs smuggling, not only for Yemen but also for the Gulf States. Throughout the years, the usage of drugs has started to spread amongst the youth without any official act against it regarding awareness. The only act was in the security level, monitoring and arresting drug addicts. We thought of starting an awareness program in schools and universities and we started training volunteers ready to do awareness on the drugs impact among youth.

Project Description

Spreading awareness to protect the youth from the dangers of drugs.

Unique and different

Future Guardians are the only group officially working in the drugs field in Yemen. The government needs our presence since we are covering the awareness part for them. You can’t find many Yemeni youth working as volunteers, this program is unique because it is able to attract many volunteers and give them special training. For the first time in Yemen, addicts came to us seeking therapy since they feel safe and protected.

Project plan

The project plan in the coming 6 months:
-making awareness in 15 different schools and 5 universities and 5 institutes
-Establishing new teams of Future Guardians in those schools and universities.
-Do intensive training for the working team in human development.
-Recruit 30 volunteers to the program
-The continuation of previous activities


International Partners:
Dubai Police Department: http://dubaipolice.gov.ae/dp/main.jsp
-providing training to our volunteers
-providing the training contest for future trainings
International Right Start Foundation in the UK: http://rightstart.org.uk/
-established connections with Dubai Police Department to provide us with the training
-measured our productivity
WHO! (logistics assistant)
UNODC (logistics assistant): www.UNODC.org
The international partners were created after some time of contacting them asking htem to provide us with information and assistance.

Local Partners
Ministry of Interior (Anti-Narcotics General Directorate Yemen) www.moi.gov.ye
Ministry of Education
-gave us permissions to visit schools.
We created our local partners after we started the project by visiting people, talking with them, and eventually they asked about us and contacted us to establish a cooperation.


Youth are ready to change if they just find a hand to assist them.


2005: 2 training courses for 31 trainers. / 14 lectures attended by 700 students.
2006: 22 courses for 348 trainers. / 168 lectures attended by 3087 students.
2007: 3 courses for 75 trainers./ 23 lectures attended by 2027 students.
2008: 31 lectures attended by 9288 students . We intend to benefit students between the ages of 14-30.

How do you engage and impact the community?

We give lectures at schools, universities, and institutes as well as creative presentations and advertisements encouraging the prevention of drug use.

How do you measure this impact?

Number of volunteers attending or participating in our activities, number of addicts coming to us seeking therapy, increase in number of Future Guardians groups in the schools and universities of Yemen.


-The lack of funding for some activities
-The lack of knowledge and understanding of the effect of drugs on people.
-The high level of training for our volunteers.
-The sustainability of some volunteers.

Financing source
(or how do you expect your initiative will be financed)

We usually depend on personal donations for each activity. We hold charity bazaars, raise funds for each activity, and businesses get involved with the program and support us with financial donations. We are expecting to have funding from international donors since drugs is a worthy subject. We want to also open a Drug Therapy Center in which we can get some income.

Aside from financial sustainability, how do you plan to grow and sustain your project?

We want to open a Drug Therapy Center to provide rehabilitation services for those with a drug problem and to continue the Drug Awareness program. We will also continue outreach for our lectures and presentations to all schools in Yemen and continue it annually.

Finance details

2006: $1500 raised through donations from team members.
2007: $5000 raised through donations and charity bazaars for workshops and lectures.
2008: $3000 raised through donations for 4 different projects.

Number of people on your team: 65 (media relations, secretary, finance, public relations, administration)
Number of partners: 2 local, 4 international

Creative funding

-We did several charity bazaars
-We raised donations from members of the team.

Other non finance needs

Administrative training, management training. We need to raise our leadership skills and teamwork skills. We need to get creative ideas on how to get funding. We are in deep need of marketing skills and marketing training.

The Story

When we started Life Makers Foundation as a youth organisation, we started working on different development projects (teaching computer skills, microcredits, etc.) and we were always trying to get volunteers to work on our programs, until one day a mother came to the foundation telling us that she wants her son to work on such projects but he’s an addict and completely lost. At that moment, we felt like we were losing some of our youth who could not give anything to the community because of drugs. An idea came to our mind that we could prevent the youth from becoming drug addicts if we made them aware from an early age and made them participate in activities against drugs. This way, you create an internal motivation for the need to fight drugs.


We were awarded two awards of gratitude from the Dubai Police Department and got a certificate from Right Start Foundation.

Broader context

You can’t start any development project in a society where drugs and crime are widespread. Drug addiction is an obstacle in the way of development. We believe that by protecting the young youth today, we give them the chance to provide and give something in the future.


The society is in continuous need of such programs, therefore volunteers will continue participating. We are thinking of making an awareness center to guarantee the continuation of the program.

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How did you hear about this competition?

I heard of the contest from Soo-Rae Hong, the coordinator of the competition in Yemen. I would like to share my program with experts in the development field.