khali fi hiatek hadaf: You Can Achieve!

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khali fi hiatek hadaf: You Can Achieve!

Project Summary
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The project will use advertisements, presentations, visits to schools and clubs, television programs, and other forms of media to present the face of youth that have achieved their goals in order to provide advice, encouragement, support, and ideas for other youth to form goals and commit to them, thus creating a better future.

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The community right now has many problems such as qat chewing, low education rates, revenge crimes. At the root of these problems is a lack of support for members in the community to form and work towards achieving long term goals. This project intends to give advice and encouragement to the youth of Yemen to work for their goals through innovative advertisements and awareness campaigns.

Project Description

The project will use advertisements, presentations, visits to schools and clubs, television programs, and other forms of media to present the face of youth that have achieved their goals in order to provide advice, encouragement, support, and ideas for other youth to form goals and commit to them, thus creating a better future.

Unique and different

This idea is unique because it is the first time youth will use the media and the science of neuro-linguistic programming to more effectively communicate the message of this project to the youth. Media campaigns and presentations will use words and stories which will trigger emotional responses from the audience. Using real world examples that they can relate to, youth will be motivated to enact change within themselves.

Project plan

First 3 months: Start to research the reasons for why youth do not have goals, why do they have so much spare time and are not motivated to work. Research how these reasons can be changed, and what words and slogans can change the mentality and attitudes of the youth.
Second 3 months: Continue with research and work with NLP consultants to figure out how to design the campaign. Begin designing advertisements and programming.


We have a partnership with Yemen Times, one of the largest English newspapers in Yemen, to publish a youth-focused insert/magazine in the newspaper which provides articles on youth development, art, and youth street sports. Originally, we worked with Yemen Times as freelancers, and then when we thought of the idea for the insert, we brought it to the editor in chief.
We also have a partnership with Iqraa TV Channel where we send them videos and documentaries we have made and they broadcast them. The partnership was created when I, Fras, traveled to Saudi Arabia and met with the manager of the TV channels to discuss the possibility of a partnership.
We are also partners with Shabab-20 Magazine, a UAE magazine for young teens where we publish articles about our activities and campaigns in the magazine. Right now we are working on getting our own page in the magazine and website. The magazine contacted us by e-mail and phone to learn more about our activities.
We also have a partnership with Women Media Forum, an NGO to improve the roles of women in the media.


This program will spur youth to create personal goals and fight for them, and we will see the attitudes of the youth start to change, with less spare time spent on wasteful activities and more devoted to education and work.


In our previous project called My Life is Better Without Smoking around 10 or 15 people quit because of our campaign, and many more are thinking about quitting. We also generated awareness in at least 20,000 students from presenting in malls, schools/univ, and posters. This project intends to reach even more youth, maybe even internationally.

How do you engage and impact the community?

We will visit schools, universities, clubs, anywhere where youth are and give interactive presentations that are relevant to them. We will also use media sources such as TV, internet, and posters to reach a wider audience. The NLP strategies we will use will make our message more applicable to the youth, and engage them better.

How do you measure this impact?

By seeing children in schools change their mentalities, when we see the youth connect with us and want to participate in this project. Also if youth are starting to engage more in community activities, NGOs, and service projects.


We need to obtain funding, and need the support from TV channels, especially Yemeni channels and media sources. While we have contacts with media sources, we need more contacts with other TV channels who want to participate in this. Also, sometimes the youth think they do not need to change and that what our organization is doing is silly. Many youth will ask if we are giving them money to participate, if we say no, then they do not care about the message we are trying to deliver.

Financing source
(or how do you expect your initiative will be financed)

We are going to try to find funds and also provide funding from our own pockets, but as of now we do not have many funds. Some parts of the project, like the newspaper insert, are provided to us free because of our partnership.

Aside from financial sustainability, how do you plan to grow and sustain your project?

Once our project is established, we plan to pass it on to other youth who are interested in the project so that the can further develop and continue it, providing them with the training and knowledge of our experience. Once we have passed it on, we will be able to start another project.

Finance details

We made a celebration for International Youth Day which was funded by UN Volunteers in August 12, 2008.
We printed 4000 posters with funding from Ibhar Foundation, and 4000 small brochures with Najah Magazine.
We have 8 people in our team who all share leadership.
We have partner members in Egypt and Bahrain.

Creative funding

We have obtained funding or donations for our advertising campaigns by approaching media sources that are also interested in reaching youth.

Other non finance needs

Access to TV channels, partnership/advice from NLP trainers and others who have worked in media campaigns, support from media organizations to give us the push and ideas to continue our work. Also, we do not have a place to meet (right now we are meeting in the newspaper office) as well as resources for media (i.e. cameras, studios, printing capabilities, etc.). With resources like this, we can produce materials for our campaigns cheaper and more efficiently.

The Story

When I see that young people dont have any goals in their lives, that they are unmotivated and waste their time chewing qat and hanging out on the street, I felt a need within myself to instill in them a sense of satisfaction within their own lives, to make something of themselves and leave something behind when they are gone from this earth. I know that I feel this way and I wanted to see the same sort of inspiration in my peers and the youth of my society. From them, I knew I would see a change in our community in the future, if the Yemeni people were motivated to change their society and achieve their goals, I thought we could build a better country together.


UNICEF award for leadership in Youth Voice website, article in international magazine documenting some of our activities.

Broader context

We want to make this project international by making partnerships with youth organizations around the world. By motivating youth to create goals and work for them, then you will see many youth working for social change and believing that they can achieve their goals.


By passing it on to other youth and giving the idea to youths that, when you have done the best in a project, pass it on to others so that it may spread and people will continue to work for new innovative ideas.

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Soo-Rae at the YCMES in Yemen.