make more young builders for a healthy society

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make more young builders for a healthy society

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It will be an opportunity to study well the area and how to use and implement new methods of ICTs (information communication technologies) still quasi absent in our region and also to study well how to make them available to underserved population .

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social justice/human rights

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Burundi is the post conflict country destroyed by different ethnic, regional and political conflicts since October 1993.It is still in need of reconciliation, peace, development and reconstruction.
It is now facing problems of hunger and famine, lack of jobs, reintegration in normal life, insecurity and extreme poverty.Using youth forces ;it is the way to pull out all those problems while taking at head our own vision. This research then aims to make young builders available for their society.

Project Description

It will be an opportunity to study well the area and how to use and implement new methods of ICTs (information communication technologies) still quasi absent in our region and also to study well how to make them available to underserved population .

Unique and different

dealing with youth and empowering underserved people in the country still under previous crisis wounds.

Project plan

The project aims to research on current youth initiatives and development situation as well as how such problems could be solved in the country, after more than 15 years in wars and crisis, it is sure that health,social,economic and political situation and poverty issues are harming our communities.
It will study how environment will be preserved passing at phase A to B ,where population as stakeholders would push their governments to include their meaning forces in resolving social crisis and and poverty eradication. It will bring us to discover how population could make small initiatives at low resources for preservation of environment,development and peace building and how professionals especially in Information technologies will appear in combating field with new promoting ways.


1. CNDH-Burundi ,the experienced in working in rural areas, help of some materials Agreed
2.ADMINISTRATION OF BWIZA COMMUNE(in Bujumbura) ,with helping us Hall for meetings ,activities on peace and reconciliation Agreed
2.BYTC help in IT trainings and computing skills Agreed
3.TAMGONETTE TELECOMS Communications and technology works opportunities for young people Contacting
4.YSEI contacting for Resources , activities costs ,computers and materials suppo


By creating a generation of youth teams in all villages for working to the welfare ,solidarity and development of the society, whom from across all ethnic, linguistic and socioeconomic groups ,will then as underprivileged ones be trained in volunteering ,IT and entrepreneurship skills to begin their own business and for their personal development needs.


Promoting continuous collaboration amongst our teams’ members to broaden and enhance our organization ability ,EMPOWERING OUR COMMUNITY PEACEFULLY AND HEALTHLY and ensuring gender balance in all our operations.

How do you engage and impact the community?

We will consider public and social consent as we wished to begin with reconciliation and peace building to make Burundi a safe place to invest with equitable development.
While doing our activities ,we still looking for creative ideas and informations from others especially from women, youth and students/researchers and open a door to all and so to make considerations of lighting and making efficient and efficacy our scheduled programs .We will not hesitate to collaborate with our partners and institutions in undertaking our activities.
This project will take into account gender considerations as we put gender consideration, with in our goals the women empowerment; our perspectives will be on strengthening women sustainability, in creation a platform of sharing stories and ideas to strengthen women situations and as well putting their voices out and help violated women and girls.

How do you measure this impact?

- This project is to implement ICT skills and opportunities for underserved youth and people in empowering our society
- this project is for youth and disabled people to face common problems of the society, it will include youth, women pushing them to create net workings and will welcome many researchers on peace and development in taking a moment of research with us while we will use a team of volunteers at important time to arrive where there is need, after difficult event like earthquake, famine, disasters and conflicts


With many problems in our society relating to peace,poverty and political instability; we will want just to make more efforts in making available that new initiative for continuing project, the fees of finacning the project could vary where we observe economical and changing money rates.

Financing source
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we will try to make firstly our own efforts and we expect to look for financing opportunity,we have created an instance to begin process,We plan then to update to financer or funder at every stage of executing project using new methods of communication.

Aside from financial sustainability, how do you plan to grow and sustain your project?

The project will contribute to develop local research capacity and our organization will be strengthened as we have scheduled all undertakings to gain confidence from all instances socially, economically and publicly. When appearing and resolving common problems of society with our existing resources and in our own vision and put sustainable our organization, this project will help us to broaden understandings of our target groups so to them create and also develop in their businesses. with that in mind ,it will be observed that project will create continuing model which will appear after the project period.

Finance details

In this last year 2007,we raised only 2100 USD,used in peace building competitions and seminars helding ,

Creative funding

competitions,contacting International organizations,etc.

Other non finance needs


The Story

Yes,after launching this network ,I have discussed with colleagues much about how the project could be conducted in this country with the current situation .
Then,I planned it myself and finished by informing my colleagues of the organization and they appreciated it and decided then to pass on action together.


Personal :
- Young Peace award 2005
-Winner of YSEI/GKP2007

Broader context

Youth empowerment, global development and Digital divide.


it will help me to be involeved much in issues of underserved and rural people empowering where I wish to discover ways and opportunities and areas to be interveined urgently.

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from the website searching