Youth creation for common good

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Youth creation for common good

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To create the youth studio for struggle against global invironment problems through the youth creation ( dramatic art, make comic book, make Secondary life of stuff).

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My project direct to consolidation youth initiative people through their creation. Their creation would be direct for helping the environment. The aim of consolidation is to address to different stratum the information about how to help in conflict “m?n – nature”, how to make sustainable world.

Project Description

To create the youth studio for struggle against global invironment problems through the youth creation ( dramatic art, make comic book, make Secondary life of stuff).

Unique and different

The project «Youth creation for common good » is directed on association of people by means of their creativity for struggle against environmental problems and sustainable development achievement. A main objective – familiarising with ecological culture, creation of a new current in a life of people – «the environmental creative good».
The project essence consists in creation of youth ecological studio of creativity. At this studio the ecological theatre, club for initiative youth working on creation of the second life of things, working out of new ecological innovations and association of youth for creation of ecological comics will be formed. Such approach will allow to capture as much as possible people for struggle against environmental problems as the youth knows all fashion trends and that helps them to inform people of the decision of environmental problems.
I consider that young men have a more potential for work in the field of preservation of the environment. And as because I work in sphere of protection of environment 4 years and yet did not see more effective work, than youth work. The world suffers from growth of requirements of the person, from a fashion so let's go this way and we will make the struggle against environmental problems fashionable and more effective.

Project plan

- Working out of materials for studio creation
- the premise equipment
- gathering of initiative, creative children for participation in the project
- creation of theatrical group
- creation of club of fans of "the second life of things»
- creation of a command for work on ecological comics
- tours of ecological theatre across Uzbekistan
- release of ecological comics and their distribution
- carrying out of festival of the best hand-made articles «the second life of things»


My most successful association is an association of young men in the Youth Ecological Network of Uzbekistan. I am the co-ordinator of the given network. The network works by a democracy principle, there is a constant inflow of people. The most important thing in a network is to develop interest at everyone to a problem, to give the chance to be improved and embody the ideas. The most important thing – belief in your partners.


My project influences consciousness of people through their creativity, on understanding and the decision of environmental problems.


Because the ecological theatre will go on the country, and comics will extend in ?? cities the project will capture a considerable quantity of citizens of Uzbekistan of different social strata. The advantage consists in the report of the ecological information, friendship formation to ecologists and environmental problems.

How do you engage and impact the community?

Influence on a society occurs on means of creative art, through creation of a new current in a life of people – «the ecological creative good».

How do you measure this impact?

I measure this influence by quantity of people which to respond to a youth appeal begin to care of environment.


The basic obstacles: a difference of cultures in villages and cities, absence of support from outside the states.

Financing source
(or how do you expect your initiative will be financed)

I expect that this initiative will be financed on means of ecological fund or the company supporting ecological initiatives.

Aside from financial sustainability, how do you plan to grow and sustain your project?

In a consequence I wish to develop from studio the Center of environmental creativity for formation and education of new generation of children. All is forces of our ideas and our altruism.

Finance details

For realisation of our ideas we receive money from donors under projects. Our partners: WWF, WCF, UNEP, SPARE. In our organisation more than 120 persons. One of them – the coordinator. Two are heads of educational both information units. And 7 curators of thematic directions. All other are members of a network.

Creative funding

One of ways is organisation of the action on gathering of paper for recycling, empties, plastic in town establishments. We will receive money which youth can be used for creation of ideas of the project for delivery.

Other non finance needs

Government support, altruism of youth, the big creative plans

The Story

The motivation is simple: I am engaged in environment 4 years and every year I am more and more convinced that only the rallied command can achieve successes in this business. The experts do not own that approach which can apply youth in the work. In our world it is a lot of environmental problems. As a matter of fact they "are silly", because have appeared cause of human nonsense. I wish to change this world to the best that the society would become closer and wiser for struggle against environmental problems.


We have't awards.

Broader context

The basic contribution to social development through rallying of young men by their creativity. It develops in them tolerance, humanism, sincerity, leadership.


The realization of this idea given to me the stimulation for development of mine management abilities, create my new ways of thinking in the field of ecology and improvement of environmental education.

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