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Bicyclists all over the world deserve to "share their wealth of health" with anyone. Offsets of every kind (to pay fines, bills, traveling expenses on other vehicles (-cycles in tow) worldwide, etc., imagine it…!) will be given, for using a bicycle (or electric motorized cycle) as your primary transportation.

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RW WE (Are double-you we? It takes two to tango & sometimes more - your old self & the new ‘recycled/re-educated/re-inspired’ ones) will impact Earthlings, of Earth, through reversing every kind of 'IF' (Individual Footprint(s)), by ramping up the transition away from carbon related travel, by replacing it with ZERO EMISSIONS vehicles, travel & other rewards. ***IMPACT-RESULT: ‘Team RW WE’ kicks off on an ongoing global journey. One which will always being imbued with new volunteers, to promote our innovative initiative of providing support to tour little known places & unknown cultures. ‘WE’ will bring each tribe to the world stage [with education & videos about those cultures (as if curious & cautious children & vice versa) without ruining the indigenous nature of…& unique reason for traveling to & sharing of…time honored understanding] & the WISDOM which ALLOWS each of our tribes, to sustain ONENESS, with & within our environment(s).

Why is promoting global travel and engagement important? What makes your idea innovative? (200 words max)

From antiquity, the importance of uniquely knowing other tribes, sharing & communicating with each about the environment which supports its longevity has always helped to balance consumption to prevent the overuse of resources. Those tribes have now become our 'global village', in a domino effect of action & a house of cards, waiting to be toppled by increasing climate changes. Our idea is as innovative as smoke signals in the sky…or is that a hurricane…and earth will continue to innovate. Every tribe from every arc of the Earth, MUST read into the 'world wide smoke web' to contribute accordingly, by asking your self, “Are you, you (RW) from your future, or the Recycled noW” & “Can WE ‘travel’ back in time to discover/understand our ignorance, to re-ignite our journey with earth-lingering love for all life, in the present/gift, the world over, the planet around Recycled Wisdom”? Yes WE Can!

What would it take to launch or spread your idea? How much would it cost to make your idea a reality? (150 words max)

To ‘launch’ RW ‘WE’ need everyone to earnestly NEED to pitch in, & a unique website to ‘spread’ the love & care for earth will allow for this 'reality' to happen. RW ‘WE' need sponsorship-teams composed of small businesses & individuals matching one another's donations. ‘WE’ need GOV’s & NGO's contributing to a partnership-fund to level the playing field but not remove the advantages of any company's longevity as a leader in their respected field(s). Join RW ‘WE’ transitioning from FEAR OF POLLUTION to ZERO POLLUTION. Make your life healthier & simpler with RW ‘WE' -cycling for life. ‘IF’ YOU ARE alive…YOU ARE a leader…& RW ‘WE' will follow your lead in re-cycling YOUR earth. Condé Nast Traveler, IS our ‘lead’ launch pad for making RW ‘WE' your ‘reality’. Humanity is ready. Are you…ready to join the global-cycle tribe? [RW WE, estimates 70,000USD startup; 1 yr tour & website]

Describe your work as a social innovator (150 words max)

My work, in (n=social) ovation: to understand/innovate where humanity went off course, to grasp/innovate the significance of collective observation, to be an example of communicating/innovating ‘with’ others by being a better listener, to focus-on/innovate others’ gifts, so those gifts can transform the lives of any listener, to change/innovate my habits (even when they do not suit my wants) in order to better understand humanities needs. Last yet not least, to better the way for others to live off the grid [of control] & onto the earth grid freeing humanity from the ten-thousand-fear old trick of giving slaves more income, & rising prices, to “make” us all “believe” we’re free while oppressing us mentally with unnecessary propagandist media. ‘WE’ don't push the envelope; ‘WE’ mail it back to slave masters with messages of love in the face of persecution. Sow, if I am you. Are you me, reaping RW WE?

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