Being a global citizen traveler

Being a global citizen traveler

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Are you a traveler or a travel company?

Tell us your idea. What makes your idea innovative?

Most travelers when traveling through certain countries always get moved by what they sees and always want to help or offer their expertise but don’t know how. Traveling companies can play major roles to promote global citizenship by assisting travelers to offer their assistance and expertise to communities they are visiting.
The idea is to have an organization that links communities with traveling companies than with travelers. This will be managed through a global citizenship website with information of all beneficiary communities organization within a country and leaflets distributed to traveling companies.
Upon initial contact with their customers, traveling companies will then distribute leaflets and refer the link to the website or forward leaflets. The website and leaflets will also need to contain valuable information on the country’s climate change where traveler can be educated on what to do and not to do to preserve the environment. This will give travelers a good chance to select what cause they will love to support and help.
What makes this initiative unique is that it can be implemented and adapted in any country or community.

What is the likely impact of your idea?

Some travelers might even be able to raise funds, equipments or other materials for the community they want to support.
Communities will benefit a lot either be financial, professional or technical assistance. They will get a chance to connect with people from around the world and forge contacts for future assistance.

What would it take to launch or spread your idea?

This initiative will be very cost effective to implement and run as most money will be used only during printing and website maintenance and will require 2 to 3 employees.
Estimated cost allocation for 1 year in US dollars based on 10 communities with 5 traveling companies in Namibia:
• Initial Campaign: 240
• Printing: 900
• Website Maintenance: 1000
• Consultant fees (accountant, IT technicians etc.): 1000
• Advertising: 240
• Fundraising activities: 100

Total Estimate: US: 3480.00

This initiative will require sourcing of funds on an on-going base to ensure sustainability. Funds may be generated through:
• Advertising: offering space on the leaflets and website to local businesses for advertising.
• Annual gala dinners where pledges can be made. Benefiting communities and organizations can help to sell tickets.

Describe yourself as a social innovator.

I believe that even leaving my house to go to the shop around the corner is traveling. I do not really have to go out of the country to call myself a traveler. When I am traveling first thing I always keep in mind is to respect the environment around me. I also do my good deeds by buying things such Cellphones airtime from street vendors, by doing that I know I am helping a child to go to school or a soul from going to bed hungry. I always try by all means to carry the waste I generate during traveling until I found a rubbish bin. I have made it a habit to carry a plastic bag in my handbag for waste. My friends have nicknamed me “waste lady”.