Webradio & Sound Studio of KETHEA STROFI

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Webradio & Sound Studio of KETHEA STROFI: A radio-hub for recovery and social integration

Athens, GreeceAthens, Greece
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$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Webradio & Sound Studio of KETHEA STROFI aims to be an active hub of vocational training, social reintegration and employment for ex drug addicts. It wishes to become the radio voice of vulnerable groups throughout Greece and a point of reference for all socially responsible musicians.

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What if a radio station could be a "recovery" and employment opportunity for vulnerable groups?
About Project

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The recession has a negative impact on existing drug-related problems, worsening physical health, increasing self-destructive behaviour, marginalization of drug users and their risk of relapse. Drug users need to be offered vocational training for their rehabilitation process, liaise with other vulnerable groups to enhance social awareness on drug problem and create jobs for themselves, through economically viable social enterprises.

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KETHEA STROFI webradio offers an excellent chance for social integration and vocational training for almost 30 ex drug addicts per year. The webradio hosts shows with famous radio producers, musicians and artists, writers and broadcasts live from prison settings giving voice to many socially vulnerable groups throughout Greece. It is a unique communication, creativity and rehabilitation platform, hosted in a therapeutic program for drug addicts. Along with its therapeutic and educational mission, it can mobilize support for marginalised groups, evolve into an employment solution for ex drug addicts, while the sound studio could be a fundraising tool for KETHEA, if given -under a symbolic price - to music groups for recordings/ rehearsals.
Impact: How does it Work

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Webradio & soundstudio give new life meaning to many ex drug addicts that follow KETHEAs' therapeutic programs. For Maria, a teenager that experienced drug addiction and tried many times in the past to overcome her problem, the webradio offered her a new window in life. "By doing drugs one has the illusion that he belongs to a group. The webradio team, is a true family for me. Once per week, in order to develop the radio program, we exchange ideas, improvise, find solutions, persist, laugh, share feelings and fears. We create a radio program, as a team. We connect with people, open up to society, learn how to express ourselves, help others, stop feeling alone. It is a unique life experience that I would like to pass it on to others as well"

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KETHEA STROFI webradio started broadcasting on December 20th 2010. During these years, almost 150 people joined the webradio team, and on a week basis attend radio lessons for 6 hours (on sound, voice characteristics, recording, radio programming) and produce a weekly webradio program. Almost 1/3 of the group members exchange this knowhow with their peers and help as volunteers in the management of the radio station. During 2013, 50 well known musicians, singers, actors and artists were invited to the radio show EPI TOPOU STROFI which is created by KETHEA STROFI webradio team and hosted weekly by ERA (the Greek public radio station). This resulted in 30 one-hour radio shows that disseminated prevention messages about drug addiction, through well known "embassadors", and provided the perfect proof that ex drug addicts can fully and actively reintegrate in society.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

In order for the webradio to be the main communication channel among vulnerable social groups and a best practice example of vocational training, it should "travel" throughout Greece, in remote villages and islands, in prison settings, even in hospitals. The creation of a "mobile radio studio" could serve this goal. Another fundamental strategy for the future, is the self funding of the project. The creation of a hitech sound studio, run by ex drug addicts - experts in recording techniques- and given to music bands under a symbolic price, will safeguard the sustainability of the project.

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KETHEA STROFI webradio and soundstudio could be self - funded. Revenue generation comes from renting the space to socially responsible music bands under a symbolic fee. Staff are ex drug addicts, trained in radio production, programming and sound check by specialised educators and peers. The transformation into an economically viable social enterprise safeguards their salaries, continuous training and competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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There are no Greek radio stations that focus on issues of social rehabilitation and addictions, are run by people undergoing therapy and broadcast from a therapeutic community. KETHEA STROFI webradio is a meeting point between them and the community. The retransmission of the program by other FM radio stations and the self funding character of the project (through the creation of the sound studio) make it a unique and economically sustainable vocational training platform, a medium for public awareness on drug issues and a therapy tool for expression and communication of ex drug addicts.

Founding Story

Five years ago, Kostas Arvanitis, a well known TV & radio journalist, started volunteering for KETHEA STROFI. Mr Arvanitis, expert in media production, very soon realised the therapeutic potential of a radio station, where adolescents, ex drug addicts, could explore the possibilities of using new media (web), create content for radio and be the "voice" of KETHEA. Along with the Head of the therapeutic program, used an abandoned warehouse, technically equipped the radio station through a program of General Secretariat for Youth and hired a specialised radio educator. On December 2010, 22 famous radio producers launched the webradio with a 18hours program. Ever since, this creativity hub continues to evolve, offering vocational training.


Talented professionals, loyal volunteers, hard working staff and determined ex drug addicts, make the webradio team. Half of them work part time. The basic roles include a secretary, an educator, a chief editor, a technical supervisor, someone in charge of communication. In order for the webradio station to reach more audience and evolve into a hitech recording soundstudio two more full time members of staff (educator&technician) should be hired.