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Greecebangalore, India
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Government is not considering Beggars as there Country citizens and few NGOs may sponsor food and money which is given by public will be used by them for drugs etc. This kind of help will not sustain for long to make them to lead normal and good life and Homeless people are also becoming Beggars.

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Beggars(also homeless) are ignored by Govt and public and there is no effort made to bring them to normal public life. We cannot even imagine the life which they are leading. The money collected from them will be not used properly instead they will use it for drugs etc. which is making there lives more worse. They have urge to live but they have lost the ways and it is the duty of Govt to show at least to lead normal life

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Though the problem of begging is gigantic, yet it can be solved, if there is will and determination to do so. Mainly Shelter (beggars quarters) should be provided and should be made to earn food from there own like first providing heath care and counseling and works like agriculture will provide food for them and remaining can be sold and works like handicrafts, preservative food items etc can be exported where in they can also earn and the partial amount of the money will be also given to them and remaining will be used for there welfare. Work should be given according to there capability. These people will be mainly looking for food and shelter which is basic need for man.
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When a Homeless or Beggar is given shelter and opportunity to earn their food, then there is no need to beg for their daily life and also the food and money they get is only for time being and their future cannot be changed with that. These kind of support from Govt will make them to lead good life and happy life (they can eat good, put good clothes, can empower themselves) and they can also have family and there children's will also grow in good environment. The improved family or individuals can move out and can live independent life.

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Government should start its own institutions, where widows, orphans, and other helpless people may find shelter. This will prevent them from joining the profession.Though the life they lead seems to be pathetic, they had not gone to bad decision like suicide. They have that urge to live and it should be appreciated but they have lost everything. According to a 2009 recording by the ministry of health and welfare, the number of homeless in Greece was estimated at 7,720 people, according to 2013 estimates by NGO KLIMAKA the number of homeless in Greece reached 20,000. These people may also increase, and these people should be given shelter (dedicated quarters) and initially health care and counseling must be provided and then they should be allow to earn there food by there own like farming, poultry and excess should be sold for less price to public so that it will be also useful for them

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continued ......... The vegetables and groceries grown by them will provide food for them and excess production will be sold to unemployed families and other families which is below poverty line for less price, so that it will be useful for them also. Those people who are not capable enough for jobs like farming, etc. can do other works like handicrafts, preparing preserved food, boutiques or garments and should create international market for those production and should be exported.The partial amount earned will be given to them as salary and remaining will go for the institution.

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According to 2013 estimates by NGO KLIMAKA the number of homeless in Greece reached 20,000 and it is not a big issue to provide shelter for them for GOVT to build this organization and provide shelter for these people and empower them and it can use its own unused land to build quarters, for agriculture etc. So that even these people can also enjoy there right as Human being. As they will work it generates income for there present and future.