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ANA BELLA SOCIAL SCHOOL FOR WOMEN EMPOWERMENT: From victim to survivors social and business changemakers

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$100,000 - $250,000
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A social changemaker solution to a business need: empowering survivor women to avoid exclusion by providing valuable jobs as sales promoters rather than invisible double victimization jobs. Recruiting based on personal values as survivors rather than positive discrimination for being victims. Women become changemakers contributing to economic and social growth of companies and positive testimony to encourage other women to get free from violence.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

10% women are abused in Spain 2.150.000 according to 2011 Minitsery Macrosurvey. If it is difficult to find employment in Spain with 27% unemployment rate, there is a greater barrier for women who have been abused with no previous experience or training. Despite subsidies of hiring abused women, the recruitment index is still low due to social rejection of employing women portrayed as battered. Traditional support providing a positive discrimination suffers from a double victimization: prevents women from being inserted as positive asset for the company and social changemaker, because it is reduced to training courses and employment opportunities mainly as cleaners, maids or kitchen helpers, invisible and not socially valued jobs.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Ana Bella Foundation innovates & portraits abused women as survivors not victims. They are not the problem, but part of the solution. Ana Bella help them to release their potential as effective workers in times of crisis, capable of facing employment as a source of personal dignity and committing to social and economic company goals delivering excellence service. Danone provides a social solution to a business need: empowering survivor women to avoid exclusion by offering valuable jobs through promotional campaigns. Not invisible jobs as cleaners but visible positions as Danone Ambassadors.
Impact: How does it Work

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Empowering survivors as social changemakers by providing training and valuable jobs opportunities. Government support for aged abused women does not consider labour market integration but just a subsidy as passive social agent. We did not see the black eye in Gloria but her potential as survivor and active agent of social change. She was trained and hired as Danone Ambassador. It was her first job being 62 years old. Danone believed in her life experience and skills developed as survivor, her clients encouraged her every day by gratitude comments and she started to believe in herself as a changemaker. Now she contributes to society welfare with her taxes plus leading an NGO Voluntiers in Action to help 25 eldery people living alone.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

National Impact: Gov. Agreement + positive influence in policies against domestic violence addressed in Spain. Now focusing on transforming business practices to achieve social changes: from victim/problem to Survivor/solution acting as changemakers who contribute to social and economic growth of companies. How? Showing success of Danone Ambassadors & getting more firms = 500 jobs opportunities for survivors in Spain within 2 years International Impact: standardize business-social model in collaboration with ESADE University. Investing in scalability abroad Spain thanks to Ecosystem Fund. Detecting changemaker ONGs in countries where Danone makes business. Start with Danone & influence companies & political policies Goal: Avoid double victimization & exclusion suffered by abused women by providing social valuable job opportunities which create social & economic value for companies

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Government: Ie. Cualifica program by Andalusian Women Institute: training courses and employment opportunities mainly as cleaners, maids or kitchen helpers, invisible and not socially valued jobs whic keep double victimization and social exclusion for abused women NGOs: Ie. Integra Foundation: positive discrimination for being victims. Free human resources services depending on governmental economic support, not self supporting model. AnaBella Social School For Women Empowerment: cocreation model transforming companies practices and social impact. Hiring based on personal values as survivors= assets. Not invisible jobs as cleaners but visible positions as sales promoters. Empowering survivors as social and economic changemakers inside companies. Economic sustainability: business need with approved budget addressed with a social changemaker solution (sales promoters + on going training)


NGOs leads by a social-entrepreneur is a must. Ana Bella is a survivor women and Ashoka fellow that ensure the vision and social impact of the co-creation model addressing domestic violence issues, portraying abused women not as victims but Survivors changemakers. Company with a dual economic & social project is a must. In our case is Danone that goes beyond philanthropy by transforming donations into co-investment and co-creation. Sustainable development manager Esther Sarsa shared the co-creation model vision all over the company and acted as a catalyst to launch the project with a multiplied effect inside the company. Intermediate partnership with a business & sector expertise & socially motivated small company is a must. In our case M. Task Force provides the expertise in sales promotions & the impulse leads by the owner Merce Almendros to get more clients added to the project