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Become my buddy!: Neighbourly services in the domicile

Gdansk, PolandGdansk
Project Stage:
$10,000 - $50,000
Project Summary
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Our aim is to restore former custom of neighbourly help. We are going to link a volunteer with the elder people from Gdansk and provide seniors with electronic system of telecare. In case of danger older person will be able to connect with 24/7 alarm centre by pressing the button on the necklace or wrist watch. Teleasistant is responsible to notify the caregivers - volunteer, member of a family or appropriate emergency services.

About Project

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Did you know that 70% of falls at home happen during bathing time where access to the phone is not possible? 40% of people after the age of 65 cannot move on their own after falling; so they cannot reach their regular phone to call for help. More than a half of people in the situation of stress and danger cannot dial the correct emergency number.

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Participants will be equipped with the electronic system of telecare, which contains portable trigger (necklace of wrist watch) and base unit (installed on the telephone line or with inbuilt SIM card) In case of emergency (fall, fainting, fear, burglary, fire etc.) the user just push the button on a hand and in a few seconds is connected to the Intervention Centre. According to the information sheet, which is filled by user before installation, every incoming notification is not anonymous. Using this system Teleasistant knows from who and where the notification is coming. In addition we will know what is the health history of the user and we can assume possible problems. Teleasistant is responsible to notify the caregivers.
Impact: How does it Work

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In case of the positive verification of the research hypothesis (the neighbourly care connected with the telecare is more effective socially and economically than traditional forms of providing care services) the quality of life of seniors will grow. Thanks to the application of the system of the telecare they will gain very valuable feeling the self-reliance, independence and the personal dignity. Elderly people are often ashamed to ask their neighbours or the family for help, because they don not want to be a burden to surroundings. Finance charges of getting the help will be also reduce.

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Program in the current version - with the module of the telecare met neighbourly services oneself with an great interest of social institutions - including social Assistant Centre in Gdańsk, being a consortium partner, as well as a specific technical moralizer of the proposed innovation. Leader of the Project after the project implementation to the own cost and with exploiting the own potential (completion of care services on areas of 7 units of the welfare) will implement the program relying on findings of this examinations.


Polish Red Cross - PRO: 1) Coordinator of the research and pilot phase Katarzyna Strzała - Osuch: supervision of the methodological side of conducted examinations, with correct structure of research tools, analysis of gathered data, drafting reports; 2) Specialist for accounting and finan in the project Halina Piórkowska. Duties: organising and carrying out all action associated with project finances, in particular: cooperation with coordinator, supervision of describing invoices and other accounting documents in connection with the cost schedule approved for the accomplishment. Makamed LCC: coordination of work of 5 operators supporting the Centre of Intervention, getting back applications from charges, notifying volunteer/family in case of the need to provide assistance, servicing telecare devices. Leader along with Partner are complementing each other in their abilities.