Building with volcanic waste

Building with volcanic waste: Building with lightweight concrete panels and planks with volcanic scoria

Foumbot (West region) and Djoungo (Littoral Region), CameroonYaounde, Cameroon
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Training builders in the locality of Foumbot on the innovative technology of manual production of hollow core lightweight concrete panels and planks with volcanic scoria gravel and building with them. The locallity has a huge reserve of volcanic scoria. Demonstrations will be carried out.

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The use of a waste will create more jobs and improve housing conditions
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Cameroon house deficit is estimated to 1500000 units. Actual and past volcanic activity has left a huge reserve of volcanic granulates as scoria along the Cameroon Volcanic Line (CVL). Scientific and technical characteristics of the scoria have shown that they can be used in construction. The waste is under-exploited by the population. Earth road surfacing and cement blocks production are the actual uses of the waste.

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the project is bringing innovative use of the scoria to make hollow core lightweight concrete panels. It also teach to the population how to build with the new material. training sessions and demonstrations will be the main activities of the project.
Impact: How does it Work

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The technology is labor intensive. Wooden molds are fabricated by a carpenter. granulates are extracted and transported. The panels and planks are produced manually on site or in a separate worshop. Panels and planks may need to be transported to the site. Panels and planks are assembled for a house in construction by skilled builders. The technology save building time since several building activities can be done at the same time. New houses can be erected rapidly

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Creation of jobs trough the extraction, production, transport and construction with panels and planks. Amelioration of the living conditions of the population at the vicinity of the deposits. Reduce the time needed for the actual realization of housing projects. Reducing the decent housing crisis and contributing to sustainable development by the exploitation of a waste material.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

New building material and building system in Cameroon. Reduction of the general housing crisis in Cameroon. Transfer of the technology in many other area with volcanic waste deposits. Improvement of the living condition of the population.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The project will be put in the action plan of MIPROMALO for its sustainability

Founding Story

I was invited to present a communication at the 15th Regioanal Labor Based ILO seminar in Yaounde in 2013. I think to propose something new and innovative. I remember that I visited Foumbot some years back and I was impressed by the huge reserve of volcanic scoria. I carried research on their valorization as cement admixture. Crushing the scoria to fine powder was a big challenge. After I decided to find ways of using the scoria just as gravel. No crushing. So the conference supported my proposal of carrying trial production of manual hollow core concrete panels. We succeeded. Later on I civil engineering student do design a protocol on how to construct with precast panels and planksplanks. Now it is time promote the technology.


01 advisor 02 experts in materials science 02 civil engineers 02 builders 01 Carpenter 01 communicator
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, CEN, Yaounde

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, OUE, Foumbot (West region) and Djoungo (Littoral Region)

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National government.

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Terra Viva email

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MIPROMALO. it is my initial research institute where I am actually an Associate Director of Research.
University of South Wales, School of Engeneering with whom we are collaborating in materials and civil engineering.
University of Yaounde I where we obtained our PhD

Challenges: What challenges might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

To make training sessions, the main challenge is the participation of the population specially builders. To overcome it senzitization and contacts are necessary before the start of the project. We will also work with local authority and partner ministries representatives for the success of the project.