Clean energy production and use.

Clean energy production and use.

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The current situation with global ecology, a constant population growth, did not leave me and my team indifferent. Even with the current state of technology development and use of natural resources, the majority of people still live in difficult conditions, and the environment does not get better.

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Hydroelectric power station is very expensive in construction, had a devastating effect on the ecology of the region. In arid countries, the impact of construction of the station leads to dehydration of whole regions, where residents do not even have enough water to drink. Nuclear PS the production of nuclear energy, creates problem of recycling and disposal of highly radioactive waste. Thermal PS emit carbon dioxide and reduces mineral deposits.

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Start from little. Develop energy saving technologies, and populate it. Produce and share: 1. Street lights solar-powered. By introducing it in only one city, we decrease the energy using by 1 year to 80%. 2. The system of solar heating of buildings. 3. Home solar panels. 4. Heat pump. 5. Biomass boiler. 6. Gas boiler. 7. Heat transfer. Our country’s territory consists of deserts - 44 %, semi-deserts - 14 %. Steppes cover 26 %. The farmers need such technology for their business. A lot of small cities use of coal for home heating, to get fresh water, etc. (In attached pictures shown some parts of solutions).
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In the city, the street lamps works 1-10 hours per day. To light the major highways are established lamps with a capacity of 250-400 W, the number of 50,000 units. For lighting secondary roads 70-250 W, the number of 20,000 units. For lighting entrances of houses 40-125 W, the number of 20,000 units. The calculation of consumed electricity for 1 year: 24.75 GW. Our solution saves approximately 19.8GW of energy per 1 year in one city.

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Government, farmers, industries, small business, whole people, who use energy in their life.
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Astana EXPO 2017 Future Energy (Kazakhstan), a socio-economic and environmental – derive from the contemplation of energy use in a context linked with sustainable development( Dedicating an International Exposition to the theme of FUTURE ENERGY entails thinking about a topic that is basic to our existence and critical for safeguarding and improving our quality of life.ENERGY in an effort to promote the most appropriate and viable sustainability-driven action plans.

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Water, Greenhouse Gases, Smallholder Farmers.

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Help to make an infrastructure for developing green business and life in the world.

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Currently, we are in need of start-up capital for $ 24,000. Without it we are not able to start. We are planning to participate in tenders for lighting the city streets. Our cities are planning to put lighting on the use of cheap energy. With this we want to start to action, and enter into the market. In the beginning, we plan to collect simple in design, allowing to modify the existing ones.

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We have worked on innovation projects, manufacturing robots, multi-agent systems, 3D scanning/printing technologies, developing websites, mobile applications.