Let's be baby-sitter!!!

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Tuzla, Bosnie et Herzegovina
Project Stage:
$100,000 - $250,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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According to the Multiple indicators research for B&H in 2011/2012, in Federation of B&H only 18,4% children enrolled in the 1st class of primary school (obligatory), who previously were beneficiaries of the public pre-school programs. In Tuzla, that percentage is 27%. Other children up to 6 years are either sited by unemployed parent/s or unemployed women but unqualified baby sitters.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Number of unemployed persons in Tuzla in 2011 was 32.1788, which makes proportion of 1 employed person versus 4,1 citizens, i.e. 24,4 % out of total number of citizens is employed. By this project, unemployed persons will have opportunity to be trained in the field of baby-sitting, first of this kind in our Canton. Such formal education does not exist in our country at all. These skills and knowledge will help trained baby sitters to find a job easier, thus they will not be on the Employment Biro list of unemployed. Babies/children who are not beneficiaries of both public and private kindergartens will be taken care in quality and professional way by hiring the baby sitters. Parent/s will be in position to look for a job, too.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

In cooperation with the Employment Biro of Tuzla Canton, we would identify and offer education to unemployed persons in the field of baby-sitting. Methodology will have holistic approach and consist of different sectors (health, psychology/pedagogy, etc.). Different experts, respective to each sector will be trainers. For all the education attendants, we would design, print and distribute appropriate manual (up to 100 pages). The Manual will be also designed by professionals and qualified experts. Networking with the existing kindergartens and play-rooms in the town, delivery department at the hospital will help us to promote and disseminate information on qualified baby sitters available (for parents looking for one).
Impact: How does it Work

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In Tuzla town, there is a public institution for pre-school care, which capacities of 11 kindergartens located all over the town, succeed to accept about 1.000 pre-school children (age 6 months - 6 years) on annual basis. Price is quite affordable (70 € a month), as this public institution receive subsidy from the Tuzla Municipality. Unofficially, the amount that parents pay on a monthly basis is only to cover the meals expenses. There are two private kindergartens in the town, too. Still, these capacities are not enough to cover the needs of all the children (i.e. their parents) who want to enroll a kindergarten. Then, those parents have to manage somehow and solve the problem of baby-sitting and pre-school care for their children.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

Tuzla Canton consists of 13 municipalities, out of which only 6 municipalities have public kindergartens available. So, the remaining 7 municipalities are yet to be covered with the professional pre-school care. In addition, these first 6 municipalities are still in need of qualified and professional baby sitters. As the education will be carried out by professionals in the following sectors: health (safety, nutrition) and psychology/pedagogy (physical and psychical development), we will advocate for official certification and recognition of the baby-sitters diplomas. Within informal network of all relevant stakeholders that we will create during the project implementation (Ministries, Employment biros, Municipalities, etc.), we will try to introduce this vocation of baby sitter into the formal system. It will be recognized and officially acknowledged occupation in job market.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

No one else is providing such education, neither in Tuzla town nor in the Tuzla Canton, and there are no qualified baby-sitters on a job market. That means, this is a very first, original, innovative idea, based upon the community needs primarily. Bearing this fact in mind, we are pretty convinced that the education for baby-sitters will attract huge number of interested candidates, unemployed persons. This will be eased through the Employment Biro of Tuzla Canton, the project partner. Once they complete their education, both the Employment Biro and local media will inform the public on new qualified baby-sitters available. Parents looking for baby-sitters for their child/ren will be also informed about the new possibility to engage a qualified baby-sitter. This will be realized in cooperation with the existing public and private kindergartens, which do not have enough capacities.


The education for baby sitters will carry out professionals and qualified experts with experience. In each sector (health and psychology/pedagogy), we will engage adequate professionals, such as doctors (pediatrics), nurses, medical technicians, nutritionists, psychologists, pedagogues, special pedagogues, etc. Such experts will be also responsible for the Manual design. Employment biros will actively participate in identification of potential project beneficiaries, in the field of baby-sitting education. Hospital delivery departments and kindergartens will take active role in dissemination of new service available (information of parents on available baby-sitting service in the town). The project coordinator will be responsible for the project activities implementation, the applicant director will do monitoring and external evaluator will be engaged to conduct the evaluation.