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Employ Africa: A working Africa is a working Africa!

Bulawayo, ZimbabweWashington, United States
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A youth focused staffing agency meets the dispatch capabilities of Uber! Creating a platform that connects employers and employees across various job markets in Africa having already vetted both to ensure the closest to a perfect match!

About Project

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Putting a geo-location based map with our pool of potential employees who are already screened for availability, interest and skills, we will dispatch using basic mobile technology, opportunities to them allowing for a certain window of response time to it. A response and getting hired, takes an employee off the map for the duration of the job they are working, but stay populated with those available. We are looking to have a fully populated African map because a working Africa is a working Africa!

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Like a staffing agency, businesses and organizations looking to hire talent of whatever skill or interest would be looking to Employ Africa to guarantee the verification of commitment & qualification of the candidates they hire. Part of those services are what companies would pay for and that is what will be used for skills development workshops and services to our pool of employees & youth looking for job security. The project is lean by design.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Although there are a few, namely 1task1job and My Bizz is Your Bizz, that are addressing the same challenge, I have not yet seen the concept for how Employ Africa is going about it. What distinguishes Employ Africa isn't WHAT it's addressing, but in the HOW.

Founding Story

I was raised most of my life in Africa. In 5 different countries in the north, east, west and south of the continent. I came to America to finish high school and eventually proceeded to college and the work place. With my passions, experience and education, the job market was a tough one to enter. I eventually chose the staffing agency route and the decisions I made there in the interviewing phase are what led to where I ended up being places and being perfectly positioned to transition into being hired full time. I moved back to Zimbabwe earlier in 2013 for 6 months met youth constantly complaining about not unemployment. I also met local business owners complain about not know where to find talent. Voila - putting the 2 together!


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Sawubona Nosiviwe , have you looked at expanding the impact of your program through creation of entrepreneurial program?


Wow, this is amazing and its the way to go in trying to curb the sky-rocketing unemployment rates in Africa