Magical Leadership for Youth at risk

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Magical Leadership for Youth at risk: We create dignity and growth for individuals and society

Skien, NorwaySkien
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$500,000 - $1 million
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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lyk-z & døtre as (hereafter referred to as lyk-z & daughters) mission is to assist youth at risk, who have dropped out of school and work life, to find their inherent qualities and unique abilities and with this quickly return to school and work. We believe in the individuals’ own ability to create their own future to a life of dignity.

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Today’s society in Europe (and Norway in particular) is experiencing a new group of people who are excluded from the norm; youth and young adults who for some reason are dropping out of school and who are not able to be part of a work life. Because of this these people are experiencing social exclusion. This group is costing society enormous sums in addition to the illness suffered by the individual youth and their families.

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Our solution is the lyk-z method; FROG Online Identity (FROG). FROG is a methodical training program that builds on theories from neurophysiology and cognitive fundamentals, communication techniques from film studies, principles from leadership and co-active coaching. The course run for 25 days over seven weeks with up to 12 at risk/young adults who are lead by two certified FROG-trainers. The participants are taken through five modules; Vision, Identity, Communication, Impact and The Big Leap. During the training, the participants also work online at, which is a learning-based web platform where the participants answer questions and do tasks related to the various topics. During the program big positive changes happen.
Impact: How does it Work

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Marion, William and Lill Hege are all former FROG-participants. Together they represent social exclusion, discouragement & various diagnoses. With permission we share their brief renderings: Marion’s experience was that her mind shifted from discouragement, depression & fear to a strong willpower, joy & faith in herself. William discovered that it was a great help to get his long-lost energy back. Lill Hege describes that the best thing about the course was to discover that she actually changed her life. Today, Marion has started her social work studies, William is studying nursing, and Lill Hege has started a new job. “My wish is that everyone gets to know about FROG and that some of it will be mandatory in school” -Lill Hege

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

For many years we have provided FROG directly to youths and young adults. Our strategy for moving forward is to certify and license other companies to deliver FROG in their area. Geographical we are on our way to have the course be present in every county of Norway through contracts with Rehabilitation Companies. Customized versions of FROG can also be presented to different target groups in primary and secondary schools, as aftercare to correctional services, to the long-term unemployed/sick leave, and to recovering patient groups who have struggled with fatigue, anxiety & depression after having been seriously ill. The program has been tested on various groups and the effects are the same: an understanding & mastering of themselves in relation to others & society, with reinforced joy for the future. The full impact is a changed individual & major socioeconomic savings.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Dropouts and social exclusion are growing social problems in Norway. NAV (the Norwegian Labor & Welfare Administration)'s mission is to have fewer people on benefits and more people in the labor force. NAV offers their own workshops, and have many customers and various stakeholders dealing with work-related measures that also deliver courses on behalf of them. How we differ: We offer short waiting-time, intensive and continuous course of training over a set period of time, participants prepare their own progress plan, we certify and license the method to reach more youth at risk, we have a higher success rate (66% vs 21.9%), the method is transferable to other target groups and social challenges. During the course period members also work at a unique web-platform that deepens the learning and that contains surprising elements. Here, the youth and trainers can communicate 24/7.


Lyk-z & daughters' team: -The CEO/developer & Coach: Develops the method, serves as an academic mentor and is responsible for the company as a whole -Administration Manager -Welfare Gardner -FROG-mentor -FROG-instructors Partner 1, Ferd SE: -Director -Business Developer -Senior Finance Officer Partner 2, Sebastian Heart Foundation: -Chairman -Board members -Sebastian's grandmother Rehabilitation Companies -Managing Director -Head of Department of initiatives for youth and young adults -Supervisors who are certified FROG-trainers To reach full impact a clear dialogue is needed with management of our partners and licensees. As well as an academic dialogue between FROG-Instructor & FROG-trainers to maintain our success rate. We make sure to involve the youths in meetings & events with our partners to ensure a common understanding and motivation for all parts.