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MyGoodAct: Crowdfunding platform for social causes

Oslo, NorwayOslo
Project Stage:
$50,000 - $100,000
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Youth today needs more information than ever to stay interested and engaged. MyGoodAct was initiated because I wanted to know what happened with the money I donated to Save the Children as young. MyGoodAct has become a tool for NGOs and project managers to both raise funds and show what's happening with their projects. This helps youth, and others, to get the information they need to continue the support.

About Project

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1. The lack of information we get from ordinary NGOs and charitable organizations. 2. The lack of funding opportunities for project managers of smaller social projects (charitable, social, cultural, sports, and social entrepreneurial projects - all allowed on MyGoodAct)

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A crowdfunding platform allowing people to see specific projects with specific details and instant updates.
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Nathalie Krantz, 20 years old from Oslo, started a fundraiser for Roona Begum in India April 2013. Roona had a disease called "Waterhead" and needed medical attention. Nathalie wanted to raise 10 000 NOK for an operation for Roona Begum. Her fundraiser ended up with more than 350 000 NOK. We immediately started on treating Roona Begum with our partner Fortis Foundation in India. All funds have been transferred to Fortis Foundation which has done, and is still treating, Roona begum: MyGoodAct was featured in more than 200 newspapers all over the world. Our servers broke for 2 days due to the heavy traffic. Roona Begum can now move like a normal chil and is out of real danger.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

We are focusing on Norway this year trying to get MyGoodAct more know among our target group. Next year we will expand to Sweden with the help from Kavli Fondet. In June 2014 we will have a fundraiser started by HRH Mette-Marit for HIV Young Leaders Foundation which will be a good way to market MyGoodAct in Norway.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

You have in UK - that's just a fundraising platform for NGO's. MyGoodAct is targeting youth by making it fun to be engaged (gamification, social network, top lists + more). Same with, just a fundraising site for NGOs. MyGoodAct also allows social entrepreneurs, private individuals, and so on, to raise funds for their own specific projects.


The MGA team consists of: Jonas Borchgrevink - Founder, Bachelor in Entrepreneurship and Business from BI Economic Shool in Oslo. Humaira Habib, Bachelor in computer science Islamabad. Saima Rashid, Master in business administration --- It has been crucial that Formuesforvaltning has funded MyGoodAct and opened up their office for me. I have been able to sit here for 2 years for free, and now also working part time in Partnership for Change which is also located at Formuesforvaltnings office. If Formuesforvaltning hadn't supported MyGoodAct or Partnership for Change, I would have had to shut down MyGoodAct in 2012. We are looking into doing an even closer collaboration this year involving their employees (Formuesforvaltning might want a MyGoodAct profile so they can have their own company fundraisers for different causes on MGA).