SMART greenhouse

SMART greenhouse

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The main agriculture activity of the people in Shamkir is to grow seasonal products on the needs of internal and external market. 90 percent of the products on the markets are grown in the greenhouses. For this purpose wood and gas are used by the local population for heating greenhouses in winter. Therefore the population breaks forest for the treatment of firewood massively or increases carbon emissions released into the atmosphere by using gas

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The main aim of the project is to supply greenhouses which created and managed unprofessional with alternative energy from the sun and compost fertilizers from the domestic waste. Shamkir is sunny city taking into account that heating of the greenhouses with the energy from the solar panel will help both protection of the forests and reduction of carbon emissions released into the atmosphere. At the same time there are large quantities of domestic wastes places around the area of Shamkir city. The city will be cleaned from household wastes by the means of waste management and sorting system and compost fertilizers from fruit, vegetable and plant origin wastes will accelerate agriculture in the region.
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The project will initially be established the Smart greenhouse will provided with solar panels that save maximum energy. Although the initial establishment of the panels will be a little bit costly but it will provide greenhouses both with sustainable energy and reduce harmful habits disposal to the environment for the future. In addition temperature regulator will be created in the Smart greenhouses and it will help the farmers to assist in maintaining constant internal temperature.

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Recently Azerbaijan Republic initially launched( starts its activity) at the area of development and application of alternative and renewable energy sources .At the initial stage for investigating power and potential of alternative energy across the republic an experimental polygon has been built in Gobushtan. But still business models based on alternative sources haven't been worked out yet. That is why funding Smart greenhouse model can be first continuous business model for Azerbaijan and Azerbaijan Republic may be interested in in the future.
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If you pay attention around the road leading to the Shamkir, you'll see that there are lots of greenhouses all around city. Why? Because both domestic markets of the country and abroad markets in Russia with seasonal fruits and vegetables are provided by local farmers of Shamkir .But if you visit greenhouses you'll see primitive and non-professional management system in the greenhouses. Every year some products are destroyed due to unprofessional management system and it causes a large amount of plant.

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Greenhouse Gases, Sustainable Agriculture.

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Initially excursion of local farmers is being planned to Smart greenhouse. During the excursion the local farmers and owners will be informed about the advantages, economic and environmental benefits of the Smart Greenhouses. The gradual reduction of the cost of agricultural products which are grown in Smart greenhouse will increase rivalry in the markets.

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The following results are expected from the project and these will serve to create sustainable agriculture in Shamkir in the future:
• To create professional Smart greenhouse system
• To reduce harmful habits to the environment at the result of the using alternative and renewable energy sources
• To save water resources as a result of smart management
• To make compost fertilizers from fruit, vegetable and plant origin wastes from household wastes
• To apply management and sorting system of household wastes in the region

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Generally using of alternative and renewable solar energy is still in its early stage in our republic. In the future, we consider the project to be successful entrepreneurs who involved in greenhouse business will want to apply Smart greenhouse system to them business. Within the cooperation framework of the project partnership will be established with Tamiz Shahar OJSC and waste management and sorting system realized in Shemkir with the help of their financial aid. Getting award will be spent to purchase of necessary equipment for establishment of Smart Greenhouse model.

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Smart greenhouse system that is equipped with a fully sustainable energy and fertilizers will be sustainable business model. That is why cultivated plants and vegetables in Smart greenhouse will be competitive as organic product at the markets .At the same time there will be service to the local owners who wants to establish Smart Greenhouses and will be got profit from it.

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My interest in environmental protection and sustainable development thereby my decision to continue my future career in this field. During my university years I became especially interested in the sphere of environment and I worked as a volunteer at National Centre of Environmental Forecasting for several months. That time I engaged greatly with the project of solar energy and attended some seminars, conference as continuation of the project.