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Statistics show that 34% of the Romanians is overweight, and nearly one quarter already suffering from obesity. Obesity attract a number of troubling consequences to human health. NUTRITION FOR FITNESS is an interactive smartphone app that gives personalized diets created by a a nutritionist.

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Romania is a country with weight. As a result, Romania ranks 3rd in Europe in terms of obesity. Statistics show that 34% of the Romanian population is overweight, and nearly one quarter already suffering from obesity. Obesity attract a number of troubling consequences to human health. Unfortunately, over 70% of Romanians with weight problems have not kept a diet even once, a sign that they not realize the long term impact of obesity.

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NUTRITION FOR FITNESS is an interactive smartphone app. The app creates your own personalized diet based on your individual characteristics , such as: weight, height, age, history of the problem, lifestyle and, mainly, based on medical tests. But the most important aspect is that it will be a personalized diet created by a a nutritionist. The nutritionist will tell you what medical tests to do. All this info will be loaded into the app, which will create a database that will help the nutritionist track your evolution. The app allows interactions between users of the app and also with the nutritionist who will be answering questions, track diets and make neccesary modification according with the evolution.
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Once you have entered all the data into the app, the nutritionist creates a customized diet. Further, the app lets you know what and how to eat, what exercises to do and at what times. All results are stored in the application and are monitored by the nutritionist. For users who do not want to visit a nutritionist, this method allows them to benefit from anonymity and also the desired results. The solution allows you to lose weight and learn to eat and live healthy.

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On the market there are several applications from which you can get information about food. They generally tell you how many calories a certain food has and how healthy it is. But they do not create custom diets, based on personal taste, way of life, weight, age and medical history. This apps don't allows you to interact with a nutritionist nor create your own database evolution. Also, these applications do not allow interactions between users of the application.
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Eiser SRL
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Nicoleta Hermina

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Eiser SRL

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, TM, Dumbravita

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, TM, Dumbravita

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1‐5 years

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Visiting my aunt who suffers from more than 10 years of morbid obesity gave me a feeling of helplessness. She is 66 years old, 155 cm tall and weighs over 300 kg.The disease has advanced so much that she can no longer move even to the toilet. The disease was aggravating, leading to many complications. But she refuses to go to the doctor because of how she looks, how it smells (personal hygiene is one of the limitations of obesity) - in principle due to shame. Her two children (who have the same problem) asked me how they can use their smartphone to take blood pressure. And then I thought about how I could help with this small device. What if I use this device to help her getting in touch with a nutrionist?!

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The target group are people who suffer from obesity and morbid obesity or pure and simply want to lose weight to look better and who own a smartphone. They can be men, women and children. The application will be promoted on major social networking sites and the main newspapers in Romania.

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From November 2012 to the present was founded a companyand started developing the application. Simultaneously we are looking for sources of funding to promote the app to a larger target group.

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The technology is not limited to a certain space, and enables applications to reach other countries. Anyone with a smartphone can take advantage of the application.
We estimate that in the first year, the application will be available only locally, in Romania. Following the 2nd year will be available in other countries. Our target is that by 2017 the application to be available to everyone worldwide. In this respect we have a young team of 4 people who are dedicating all their free time creating and improving this application, with the goal of helping as many people.

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So far the cost of developing the application was of 5,000 euro, money paid from personal savings. To complete the required application we need around 5000 euros, that will be paid from the same source. In order to extend this application in other countries we desire to charge the user with 1 euro, paid to download the application.

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I'm currently working as Project Manager for various projects with European financing for both private companies and public institutions. The aeas range from roads, public lighting, creation and development centers for the disabled, the nursing homes to business in medicine. Before that I helped to create those projects and obtaining the financing.