Opportunity Desk

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Opportunity Desk: Connecting youth to global opportunities

Calabar, NigeriaCalabar
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Opportunity Desk is the one stop place for all opportunities, including conferences, scholarships, fellowships, jobs, internships, competitions, funding among others. At Opportunity Desk, there's an "opportunity" for EVERYONE!

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What if I could place an opportunity at the doorstep of every youth?
About Project

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How can we bridge the information gap in the world? How can we help young people discover that they are qualified for an award or opportunity or scholarship? How can young people realize that their unique talents could be rewarded or that they could showcase their talents to the global community? How can we help youths travel to a new country/city/place by just doing very little or experience a whole new world by just a click.

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Solution: Bring opportunities to the doorstep of students/youths/young people. By "door-step", I mean Social Networks: Facebook & Twitter..Sharing opportunities via these social platforms made it easier to reach out to young people; to make it even easier, we utilized the captivating effects of Words, pictures/images. For instance words like "Win an amazing Trip to Europe" or a picture of an airplane gets more clicks than words like "Write an essay titled-My vision for sustainability education". Our posts are also tailored to make applying to such opportunities much easier and less time-consuming: each posts tells applicants whether they're eligible or not, what they stand to gain and what documents they need e.t.c,
Impact: How does it Work

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This project is making a huge difference to the lives of many youths out there. So far, we've recorded a few success stories some of which includes (1)J. Andrew Greaves from Liberia got a chance to attend the Third Edition of the Atlantic Dialogue Emerging Leaders Program Slated for October 22-26, 2014 in Marrakesh, Morocco. (2) Chuks Ememchukwu, aided by opportunity desk became a part of Clinton Global University. His words " beseech all passionate young people to join this group. No other group I have seen provides opportunities that are tailored to address the needs of young change-makers like Opportunity Desk does". These are just two examples amongst our numerous success stories from our users.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date? Also describe the projected future impact for the coming years.

Today, we run a Facebook group and a Facebook page with over 20,000 active members. Our top visitors are from African countries, USA and Europe. In the future we hope we can engage these Facebook members in active competition that could win them a spot to either intern at their dream institutions, network with mentors in their specific fields or just gain a whole new experience.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

In the future we hope to develop the following ideas: 1. Build more strong and long-lasting partnerships with top institutions to help boost opportunities for our audiences 2. Employing more hands and getting more volunteers involved in this project 3. Improving our Young Person of the Month chats, so that it would be available to people in several formats (Youtube Videos, news articles and webinars) We're also hopeful that in the next few years, opportunity desk would be available in mobile applications to help meet the needs of our youths.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

Currently there is no financial support for this project. We rely on the selfless attitudes of our volunteers.

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http://www.naijacompetitions.com Unlike Naijacompetitions, opportunity Desk is reaching a global community, featuring a Young Persons of the Month that are from different diverse backgrounds and nationalities to serve as a motivation to each youth that there are other youths at different continents who are actively engaging in amazing projects that would impact the global community positively.

Founding Story

In 2012, I had the opportunity to attend the Global Changemakers' Summit, an opportunity I became aware of through a friend’s Facebook status update. After the summit, I saw a need- People are not aware that there are so many opportunities out there for them. Therefore,I returned home and enthusiastically started the Facebook group called 'Opportunity Desk for You'. Within a few weeks, more than 100 people had joined in and within two months, several hundreds more had joined. This led to the creation of a Facebook Page, which now has over 27,000 members and the official website www.opportunitydesk.org, which welcomes more than 100,000 visits monthly from over 180 countries. Opportunity Desk has since become the leading online platform


1) Ms. Grace Ihejiamaizu- Founder and Editor 2) Ms. Zaidat Ibrahim - Content Editor and Operations 3) Opata Chibueze - Design and IT 4) Ogbuagu Kenechukwu - Writer 5) Jude Ogar - Writer