DanSai, NaHaew, ThailandPravet and Lardpraw, Thailand
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for profit
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$1,000 - $10,000
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At ORGA Farm, there is no farmer or customer, everyone here is our family. We was found under the promise to provide the best organic products to our family and support local organic farming in the village under the commitment to replace current chemical farm and give back some lands to be a forest.

About Project

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On the mountain, more than 3,000 farmers realized the effects of chemical use and trapping in a debt cycle from contract farming and trying to escape to organic farming. Sadly, due to a lack of knowledge and location constrain, they failed many times. In the city, organic food is way too expensive for majority of people and restrict them from a better life. This begs the question how we can bridge the gap to create sustainability in both places?

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ORGA farm has been working to promote and provide knowledge about organic farming with local farmers to make them realize the value of the forest and believe that organic farming is possible. We also create a link between farmers and consumers by letting farmer sign and write the reforestation status on a card of each product so that they will feel the ownership and relationship with consumer like one of their family. Farm visit is also available to let our customer see that they are not only get better health but also sustainably help society. So far there are 50 customers and 23 farmers who are producers and trainers on organic farming. We will reach 100 consumers and 55 farmers in the village and also expand to new village next year.
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After a half decade of maze farming, one mother decided to make a change to her family. she decided to stop chemical use and start organic farming; sadly, there is no local market to sell and she almost go back to the vicious cycle. Here is the story of Mae(mother) Noom before ORGA farm was found. After a year of working togehter, she joined ORGA farm and gave 1 rai to do organic farming. We have been providing her a technology support and training until she became an expert in the village. Finally, she found that only 3 rai of organic farming can generate income as same as 34 rai of maze and decided to abandon the rest 31 rai to be a forest. She also became our trainer who successfully trained 5 families to be organic farmers in 4 months.

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Even there are some organic producers in Thailand, ORGA farm is the first organic farm whose main goal is not just to produce vegetable but to bring back a forest into each village. Moreover, none of them promote local vegetable as main products which, by doing such, it will not only make ORGA farm products unique but also help to conserve the biodiversity in each village. We are also in the first group who promote a relationship between producer and consumer which this relationship will make both sides realize that supporting us will not only give economic or environmental but social value.
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ORGA Farm: Food for Earth
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ORGA Farm: Food for Earth

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, Pravet and Lardpraw

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, 29, DanSai, NaHaew

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Less than a year

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During a humanity project in Baan Kok village, Loei province, we were talking to many houses and realized that they have started planting maze for about 5 years, which is long enough for them to realize the effects of the chemical use and debt vicious cycle. They tried to do organic farming but, sadly, no one buy them. After we came back to Bangkok, we talked to each other and believe that we should do something to help this village conserving beautiful mountain before it is too late. Finally, we saw the gap that while there are many farmers willing to do organic farming but can not sell locally, people in Bangkok cannot find cheap organic products to consume. As a result, ORGA farm was found to bridge this gap and let them help each other.

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Nutrition, Sustainable Agriculture, Smallholder Farmers.

Measurable Impact
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Because of a very strong relationship between farmers and us since we did a humanity project and stayed with them for almost a month, ORGA Farm started to target 50 families in Baan Kokvillage, Loei provinve. However, we will expand our target group to every villages we will have a humanity project from now on. We spent times to do SWAT analysis with them and find the best suit solution for each individual village. Then, all the supports and training will be provided to fill the gap we found.

Impact: What is the impact of the work to date and expected impact in the future?

So far ORGA farm has 4 main local coordinators who will not be only our producers but quality control, and trainer to create multiplier effects in the village. We had already got back more than 50 rai of farmland to be left for the forest to get back naturally. We had almost 100 people from 25 families to enjoy better life from our organic products and plan to double the number next year. Another significant impact is the increasing of well-being of our farmers and their village which come from the increasing of trees in the reforested field. Better environment does not mean only a greener city but also less daily expenses, especially on food, as they can find food from the recovered forest now. We also gave scholarship to 12 students in the village whose family can not support. Finally, the villagers saw the real value of forest and decided to conserve it for their next generation.

Growth, Finance & Leadership
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ORGA Farm found with a group of three people in humanity project planning to help the villagers before they will be trapped into the vicious cycle of contract farming. In a year, our team grow up to 8 people and also include many partners in such as a voluntary consultant from ERM company, UNDP, and local agriculture university. In two years, we plan to expand our business in both dimensions. To illustrate, we plan to increase organic farmers in the village and also expand to new village in every villages we will have humanity project from now on. Thus, we will have more variety of products from many places. In each village, we will have a local coordinator who will be our trainer too so that we can create a multiplier effect through them.

Financial Sustainability: What is your business model to ensure financial sustainability?

To start the business, we use our own money. However, within 6 months, we will gain more than 70,000 THB, which is enough to run the farm and even expend to other villages. In the long run, as we found a market gap and our products can go beyond target customer's expectation, our customer is increasing dramatically. We also have a plan to expand our production line to honey and household goods such as soap, which will attract more new customers.

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I have been organising more than 20 humanity projects and 15 environmental projects in half decade from being a participant until a club president. As a result, I gained a lot of experiences on how to successfully manage the project. For academic, I got top score in my final project, 100% in final exam of environmental economic and negotiation champion in world negotiation class, which I gained lots of negotiation and problem solving skills.