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Our Sansar

Birgunj, Hetauda, Chitwan; also the UK, NepalBrighton, United Kingdom
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
Project Stage:
$50,000 - $100,000
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1. We have opened a children's home for street children. The project provides: shelter, food, education, counselling, linking with close or extended families wherever possible, skills training and internships for older children 2. Providing good quality teacher training to teachers in Birgunj, Heatuda and Chitwan areas to enhance the quality of education and lower absenteeism rates for both teachers and students; creating links between UK and Nepalese schools to facilitate cultural/educational exchange that benefits both countries;
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Our Sansar
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Our Sansar

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, ESX, Brighton

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, XX, Birgunj, Hetauda, Chitwan; also the UK

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Rajesh Kalhan, Operations Director
Lucy Boxall, Digitial Comms Coordinator
Sean Foster Richardson, Project Assistant
Jessica Carroll, Social Media

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About Your Organization
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Work with street children, teacher training, international schools links, setting up a social enterprise to diversify income for the charity

Who is your primary audience, customer or beneficiary?

street children, children from under-privileged backgrounds, teachers

How do your products/services benefit this population?

We are running a home for street children; we are running a teacher training

How many staff do you have (full and part-time)?

7 paid staff, around 15 volunteers

Impact and Sustainability
Organization Mission: What problem is your organization committed to solving? In particular, describe what is innovative about your approach.

Our mission to provide education, welfare and shelter to the most disadvantaged children for whom little or no help is forthcoming. Our goals are: i) Assistance with the relief of poverty amongst the communities that need our help the most; ii) Advancement of education; iii) Empowerment of local communities
There are around 30,000 children living on the streets in Nepal. A large number of children don't have access to basic education. Our Sansar are trying to address these two issues in innovative and sustainable ways.

Impact: What has been the impact of your solution to date?

1. 10 children living at the children's home in Birgunj, all receiving education and extracurricular training. Other children living on the streets in Birgunj and Chitwan receiving assistance in form of counselling, food, clothes and informal education. First ever survey on street children in Birgunj conducted by Our Sansar staff with the support of local authorities
2. 360 teachers trained in Birgunj, Hetauda, Chitwan areas, with a double number of that requesting the training this year. 2 permanent school links, a number of one off exchanges between the schools, with a number of schools waiting for their links to start later this year

Impact: What is your projected impact after receiving consulting support from American Express?

We are hoping to get more exposure nationally and internationally, raise awareness about the plight of street children, education and Our Sansar in general. We have also set up a social enterprise in the UK to diversify our income streams - having support from American Express would enable us to gain extra skills and in return raise funding for the projects. As everything is becoming digital, we are planning to move most of our campaigns online and support with social media planning and evaluation of our marketing strategies would make an enormous difference to the organisation.

Sustainability: Do you currently have the financial and human resources to implement new strategies or recommendations offered through this partnership, or would implementation be dependent on receiving additional funding? Please describe.

In the UK, all staff members are working on a voluntary basis, apart from one person who has just been funded for a short contract to establish our social enterprise. All our local Nepalese staff members are paid and we also receive support from a number of local volunteers. Even though the team is working on a voluntary basis, everyone is very dedicated to the cause and success driven. As a charity we receive a number of gifts in kind, for example Google Ads, so our marketing costs can be kept to a minimum. If some of the suggestions offered by American Express are beyond our budget, we will look into raising further funding.

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Marketing Effectiveness Evaluation
Why did you select this specific project type?

We feel that marketing is still a gap within the team's skills and we would like to reach as many potential supporters as possible

Please describe the challenges you see with your marketing and ability to evaluate your marketing effectiveness.

There is a vast number of marketing channels and we would like assistance in choosing the most appropriate ones for us to maximise success. Our challenges are mainly the right selection, lack of evaluation processes, not being able to evaluate/compare the industry averages

Which marketing channels do you currently use (check all that apply)?

Company Website, Search Engine Marketing.

What response (opt-in to mailing list, sale/donation, registration) are you trying to elicit with your marketing efforts? Please describe.

Expanding the supporter database (opt-in to mailing list), donations, expanding the number of volunteers

How do you currently assess the effectiveness of your marketing?

Analytics, adwords, social media reports - however we lack structure and many things are done on ad hoc basis

What are you trying to accomplish by improving this area of your operations?

We are hoping to have a more structured marketing strategy that will be adhered to and we are hoping to explore new ways of marketing

If you were to receive support, what is your expected outcome at the end of the consulting period?

Marketing strategy, all channels explored, ways to evaluate the success explored

How will support in this area allow you to deepen your impact?

It will enable us to reach many more people, raise awareness, raise funding, raise profile of the charity

Social Media Roadmap
Why did you select this specific project type?

We are using a number of social media channels but we feel not as effectively as we could. Social media are an increasing more important way to reach a high number of individuals, companies, organisations and this in turn can help us with implementation of our projects

What challenges are you facing with your social media outreach strategy?

We are lacking proper strategy, most things are done on ad hoc basis. Our social media are updated on a daily basis, with plans prepared on a weekly basis but we feel that we lack innovative ways of how to engage a wider audience

Which social media channels are you currently using (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)? Please list and provide links and URLs.
Are you interested in reviewing your social media communications strategy for the organization overall or for a specific product/service? Please explain.

I think what we need the most is the overall review, with some advice/review of particular channels (e.g. interacting with supporters/organisations on Google+, reaching out to more people on Linkedin, interacting, getting more followers on Twitter)

What are you trying to accomplish through improved social media outreach?

Expand our database of supporters, getting more people involved, expand our fundraising

If you were to receive support, what is your expected outcome at the end of the consulting period?

Having a proper social media strategy in place, knowing which channels are best used for a particular purpose, being able to reach out to more people

How will support in this area allow you to deepen your impact?

More people will know about Our Sansar and our projects, more people will support us, attend events, take part in campaigns, volunteer