Waste Management

Waste Management

Kabul, AfghanistanKabul, Afghanistan
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for profit
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$10,000 - $50,000
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(Vermicompost is a method for converting wet waste into organic fertilizer. There are several ways to do vermicompost, and the most important advantage of it is its flexible implementation. According to the conditions (Economic - Cultural - Scientific) The best methods are selected and implemented.

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We have three methods to counter the problems of waste management vermicomposting. 1 - we need to develop training in this area.2 - we need a cultural development .3 - we need economic development plan.

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Our solution: education and promotion through the mass media, advertising for production and consumption of vermicompost ---- (market making) ----- vermicomposting at construction sites, institutions, government offices, parks and ... ..
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Waste is an integral part of the social life, each person produces on average 800 grams of waste per day.Today, garbage and waste are one of the main problems for governments, and they spend a lot to keep pollution from waste away from residential and urban centers.Several methods for resolving the problem of waste are on the agenda of governments Including landfill and incineration of waste, and producing compost waste, but the best way for waste management is on-site waste separation and reusing them.If on-site waste separation is given sufficient attention, it can be expected to decrease the current costs of the Municipality to a great extent by recycling 50-60% of wet waste and reusing them in production of home composting .

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Difference between our solution and other solutions competitors (producers of waste compost):Green Organic=Convert wet waste into one of the best fertilizers, Appropriate advertising, finding the right market. Regular compost fertilizer importing companies=High volume fertilizer production with low price, Low quality fertilizer.Chemical fertilizer importing companies=High production, Chemical hazards to agricultural soil
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Green Organic (Agricultural Production Company)
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Green Organic (Agricultural Production Company)

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, KAB, Kabul

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, KAB, Kabul

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1‐5 years

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Research to set up vermicompost production site in Kabul - preview raw material resources of the Kabul (the percentage of perishable waste generated daily and livestock waste sources and their production rate) prices of livestock waste - transportation costs of raw materials – find construction site - site preparation - shopping and garbage into worm-eating - preparing the bed for the worms - worms feed - apply for a license from AISA - Exhibition - attempt to import 200 kilograms of worms multiply in the site 500 square meters - search to find donors and investors - Introduction of product (vermicompost fertilizer) to farmers and gardeners - to build greenhouses and agricultural land use fertilizer for organic crops -

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Green Organic customers are farmers, gardeners, nursery owners and anyone who uses fertilizers for agricultural purposes.Vermicompost manure fertilizer is one of the best known in the market that is free of weed seeds and chemicals; increases the quality of products to 50% and their quantity to 30-70%; and the products are also free of chemicals.Another characteristic of this fertilizer is that it is spongy which makes it possible for water to be absorbed slowly into the root of the plant.

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We are working on several significant impacts. 1 - On-site management and recycling of waste generated (reduce cost of garbage collection) 2 - Production of organic fertilizer for sustainable agriculture 3 - Environmental Protection and Water and Soil Resources

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Vermicomposting is a method during which organic waste is converted into one of the best agricultural fertilizers using garbage-eating worms.Apart from fertilizer production in this way, vermicomposting is an effective way to recycle organic waste (wet waste) which not only reduces costs related to transport and burial of waste, but also protects the environment against burial of waste.Teaching vermicomposting as a way of recycling waste is a way for running training workshops and short term courses in schools and institutions of higher education, which also creates jobs for people. In addition to the benefits of using vermicomposting to recycle putrescible waste, vermicompost fertilizer is one of the best agricultural fertilizers.

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Fertilizer production vermicompost waste perishables have multiple sources of income 1 - produce fertilizer for farming 2 - Management of waste in production of 3 - reproduction and breeding worms for the construction of new sites 4 - sell earthworms to feed livestock and poultry 5 - Extraction of Proteins useful for body creams and cosmetics pharmaceutical industry.

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Our company Successful experience: take the program of (Assistance in Building Afghanistan by Developing Enterprises (ABADE). that worth $ 25,000 2 – and also Grand of IDEA- New Institute 10000$. construction first vermicompost Fertilizer production site in Kabul, Afghanistan.